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Marvin Nordberg, A Friendly Neighbor


Duane Giffen


After Mrs. 0. Sjostrand's husband died, she married MartinP. Nordberg. She had had ten children, and now she had two more. Born September21, 1914, Marvin Nordberg was part of her second family. He has one fullsister.

The family farm is in Cannon Township, near Lake Bronson,Minnesota.

Marvin walked about a mile to a small country school, inall kinds of weather. After school, chores had to be done. Not many grocerieswere bought at the store. In those times cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickenshad to be cared for so the family had enough to eat.

Marvin finished his chores in time to tend to a trap line.He trapped weasels, mink, and muskrats and skinned them to sell.

Not able to afford to go any farther than through the 8thgrade, Marvin started on his own when he was 15 years old. Jobs such asthreshing grain and picking potatoes earned a living for him.

Frank Keine, owner of a 40,000 acre farm, hired Marvinto work planting and harvesting potatoes.

In 1936, Marvin went to a ranch near Dallas, Texas, topick oranges. Two years later he went to Montana. His occupations therevaried from bronco busting to ranch cook.

He came back to Kittson County and worked for Dan Meyeruntil February 2, 1942. On this date he went to the army and had a mainoccupation of welding. Marvin did so good in welding he got a diploma.

Once in a snowstorm Marvin rescued half a dozen men withsnowshoes on his feet, in 1944.

On December 4, 1945 he got out of the army and met EuniceMeyer to whom he got married to on January 26, 1946.

Marvin moved in as a neighbor in 1952. He farmed eightyacres up until the rental of his land in 1968.

Marvin and Eunice had a daughter whom they named Barbarain the year of 1946, on July 29.

As a pastime Marvin plays guitar. Nowadays his fingersare too stiff to play easily. Marvin's hobby is gardening and he has donemany wonderful jobs of planting seeds of different plants, trees, and flowers.

The most important occupation of Marvin is welding. Sincehe is not farming he makes his money welding and brazing broken things forpeople in the surrounding territory.

Marvin is always glad to do business with anyone. Thatis why he is considered a friendly man in the surrounding area.


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