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The Noyes Post Office


Laurie Ness


Even though the town of Noyes is very small, it neededa post office. The first post office ever to be in Noyes was located wherethe Bill MacKays live. The first post master ever to be in Noyes was Mr.Carl Rustad. After he resigned in 1925, the post office was then movedto the Noyes Grocery store. Mrs. Carl (Aagot) Rustad then took over forthirty-two years and resigned in 1951. Now Noyes has had only a secondpost mistress, Mrs. Carmen Curtis. Carmen started working in 1960 and isstill doing fine work.

The post office was located in the Noyes Grocery storefor forty years and was again moved in 1968. It was moved across the streetinto a house that Carmen used to live in. It was remodeled so it wouldlook like a post office in her building. Carmen keeps very busy sortingout the mail in the morning and getting it ready to go out again. Thereare two mail trucks. The first mail truck comes from Thief River Falls,Minnesota at 8:30 a.m. The second mail truck comes from Grand Forks at4:45 p.m. and leaves right away.

The Noyes post office is third class. Because it is closeto the border, it gets lots of business from the customs, brokers, and railroads.



Mrs. Carmen Curtis, December 22, 1973

Mrs. Carmen Curtis, January 5, 1974

rtis, January 5, 1974