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Jill O'Neill


Christina Kalinowski


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Jill O'Neill was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on May4, 1945. Her parents are Edith and Vaughn O'Neill. (Her parents got divorcedwhen she was only two or three). She has one brother who lives in California.

Jill only stayed in Rhode Island six months after she wasborn. After Rhode Island, she lived in many other places. During her childhoodshe lived in Rennerdale, PA the longest.

Jill went to many different schools when she was growingup. She went to Bratinol, NY; Crafton, PA; Rennerdale, PA; Carnegie, PA;Inglewood, CA; and Los Angeles, CA.

When she was a kid, she lived in Strip mine country. Jilland her friends would pack a lunch and go into mines as far as they woulddare.

Jill and her friends learned a language called IB. Inthis language, you would put ib between the syllables and sometimes afterthe word or name. For words with one syllable, you would have to squeezeit in the word somewhere.

In the winter, they would have a sled route seven blockslong. It was always crowded with kids.

Jill has never been married. She doesn't have any kids,but she has two godsons.

Jill owned a 4-Runner and had kept track of every dropof gas and had intended on driving it a million miles. But, that dreamdidn't come true because before she could, she rolled her 4-Runner. Shewas lucky to have lived because she broke her neck.

Jill has been through all 50 states. When she goes througha state, she collects stuff and then makes a scrapbook out of the collectedinformation.

Jill is interested in internal medicine. She has a zapperand a red pulsating light.

Jill likes herbal teas of all kinds sweetened with honey. Most of the teas she drinks have pieces of flowers in them. You can eatthem if you like.

Jill is teaching herself how to play classical guitar. She says it is very difficult.

She likes to square dance and go to country clubs. Shelikes old classic movies and tries to go and see them on the big screenwhenever she can. She also reads a lot and listens to National Public Radio.

She used to swim in rivers where there were alligatorsnearby on shore or in the river with her.

She loves to hike and kayak for miles at a time and hasn'tworn a watch in the past 20 years.

In her spare time, she likes to sew and likes to be inthe dark. She loves to drive places and is a very attractive person.

She didn't seem to want to tell us what she did for a livingbut we did find out that she is some kind of lawyer.

I enjoyed learning about Jill and am glad she stayed withus. I hope she will come back to visit us again sometime.

Information from "Jill O'Neill"

Information from "Jill O'Neill"