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Wally Olson


Aaron Olson


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My essay is about my grandpa, Wally Olson, who was bornin Jupiter Township on a farm near Lake Bronson, Minnesota. His parentswere Ephraim and Hulda Olson. They lived on a farm that was homesteadedby Ephraim's father and mother, John and Anna Olson.

My grandpa, Wally Olson, has a brother, Rodger, who livesin Brainerd, Minnesota. He also has two sisters. Their names are Lorraine,who is married to Waymen Prosser who lives by Halma, Minnesota on a farm,and Mercedes, who is married to Amos Larson from Stephen, Minnesota.

My grandpa Wally went to a small country school that hadall eight grades in one room. The school house was heated by wood and theteacher had to go to the school house early in the morning to heat it beforeall the children came. He had to walk two miles to school every week day. After school, he would have to help with the cows and other farm work.

When my grandpa, Wally, was sixteen, he went into the CivilianConservation Corps and spent time in the woods at Middle River and by Ely,Minnesota. He was enlisted in the Navy in World War II and spent some timeon a ship in the South Pacific. He saw many battles in combat. He wasdischarged in 1946.

He then went to a school in Minneapolis called the DunwoodyInstitute. There he studied electronics. Then he went to Salter RadioSchool in Duluth, Minnesota and graduated in 1951. He then opened a radiorepair store on Main Street of Karlstad. When T.V. came to town, he soldand repaired T.V.'s. He called the store Wally's Radio and T.V. Repair. He retired in February 1984 when he sold the business to Dan Nordine.

My grandpa, Wally, married my grandma, Doris Smith in December1951 and they have lived in Karlstad for 42 years. They have two childrennamed Jodie, who is my mother, and Keith Olson, my uncle.

My uncle, Keith, lives in Brainerd, Minnesota and worksas an occupational therapist in the Brainerd school system. Jodie, my mom,graduated from U.N.D. and taught school for one year until she married mydad, Gregory Olson, and my mom works at Strandquist School.

My grandpa, Wally, travels with my grandma to Texas everywinter. They stay at Brownsville, Texas at the Mexican Border. My grandpaespecially likes Texas because he can golf all winter and enjoy the warmweather and sunshine. Some of his friends from Karlstad join him thereand they go to Mexico and golf a lot.

Golf, wood cutting, mowing lawns, and fixing things arethings that my grandpa Wally likes to do when he has free time. He golfson the Senior Tour and that is his most favorite thing to do.

He spends a lot of time with me. He teaches me a lot ofthings, driving lawn mowers, shooting guns, working with tools, cuttingand stacking wood, and golfing. He's really great when I get to drive agolf cart.

My grandpa Wally Olson is very special to me. He almostdied three years ago and I can't imagine my life without him. He treatsme like an important person and I like that. He is very great!

That is my grandpa, Wally Olson.

I got my information from my mom, Jodie Olson, and my grandma,Doris Olson.

tion from my mom, Jodie Olson, and my grandma,Doris Olson.