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My Grandpa Wally

Wally Olson


Zachary Olson

6th Grade 1998, Tri-CountySchool, Karslstad, MN


My grandfather, Wally Olson, was born on December 19, 1922in Jupiter Township near Lake Bronson, Minnesota. He was born in the farmhouse that he shared with his mother and father and one brother and twosisters. His grandparents, who came from Sweden, also lived on the farmin small house next to their house.

He attended the North Country School, which was two milesfrom his house. When the weather was nice they walked to school and in thewinter they used a caboose that was pulled by horses.

His favorite things to do when he was a kid was to huntrabbits and play baseball. He was a good baseball player. He also likedspending time on the farm and playing with his friends.

In 1944, my grandpa went into the Navy. It was during WorldWar II. He was stationed in the Southwest Pacific and also traveled alongthe Atlantic Coast. He was on an aircraft carrier that carried 68 bombers.One Thanksgiving he traveled over the International Date Line and celebratedthe holiday two times. After the treay was signed in the war, he was sentto the Southwest Pacific in the Yellow Sea between Japan and China. Theywere sent there to detonate all the mines that were left from the war. Thatwas very dangerous.

After the war, he went to school on the G.I. Bill. He attendedthe Dunwoody Institute in Minneapolis and the Salter Radio School in Duluth.He went to school to study television and radio.

After completing his education, he moved to Karlstad andbegan a radio and TV shop. Television was just coming into this area. Helater bought a store on the main street of Karlstd which he called Wally'sRadio and TV and continued to work there until his retirement.

He met my grandma Doris and married her in 1951. They raisedtwo children, my mom Jodie, and my Uncle Keith. They have lived in Karlstadsince 1951. My grandpa retired in 1984 and my grandparents have traveledto Texas every winter since then to escape the snow and so my grandpa cangolf more.

He likes being retired so that he can do whatever he wants.Most of his time he spends golfing or going places with his friends. Healso likes to do some gardening and making woodcrafts. He can fix just aboutanything and it seems like he is always fixing stuff for us.

My grandpa is my best friend. He lets me do just aboutanything, even lets me drive his pickup when we go out to the woods. Hetells me I get to have his 1970 Fleetside pickup when I get my driver'slicense. He has taught me everything that I know about golf and I go golfingwith him and his friends a lot. He even bought my brother and me our owngolf carts this year. But, the best part about my grandpa is that he alwayshas time for me. I know that there is nothing that he wouldn't do for me.Although my grandpa is getting older and his hands do not aways do whathe wants to do, he will always be young in his heart because he is the bestgrandpa in the world and I hope that he will be with me for many years tocome.

I got my information from my grandpa Wally.

By: Zachary Olson

pa Wally.

By: Zachary Olson