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Donna Omdahl


Laina McHam


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Donna and Slim Omdahl

My grandma grew up on a farm in Polk County. This is justone of the many stories she has told me, it goes like this.

One day I would walk down to Uncle Jack's just to havefun, but this day was different, everything went as it normally would, birdssang, trees rustily swayed, and there was always something interesting totalk about.

But on the way back, I saw June's, Queen's, and Alice'strough was empty so I went to the barn where the feed was kept, broughtsome out and accidentally filled the trough too full! By then, June, Queen,and Alice were already there so I couldn't scoop any of the feed back out.

The next day, I went to apologize because I found out Alicepigged out and was very, very sick, but as weeks went by, Alice got better. From then on, Alice NEVER pigged out again.

As years went by, Donna married Slim Omdahl and had threechildren, Larry, Wayne and Peggy.

Slim and Donna live happily in Warren, Minnesota. Theylove gardens and have two vegetable and three flower. They have a dog,Toby, and three peacocks.

Just a while ago, they dug a fairly large pond and theysay it will attract more wildlife and ducks. In the winter, they shalllet their grandchildren skate on it and in summer they can swim in it also.

They are very interesting people who have traveled allover the world. New Zealand was one of the places they went to. They saythey have great times and always will.

I got this information from Donna and Peggy Omdahl.

tion from Donna and Peggy Omdahl.