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Poetical History of Orleans

by Orlean's "Rear Admiral"


Written by Allan Hunter, 1897


There is a quarter section, its in the Town of Clow,

If you will take your county map wyou will see its Twenty-four.

Upon this quarter section some ten years or more ago

Allan Hunter herded cattle, now he is working in a store.


Now, this here quarter section, it laid vacant for sometime,

Until the railroad company built on it the famed Soo Line.

It was only a year ago last fall, that the railroad waslaid.

And upon this quarter section the First State Bank wasmade.


Then long came Edward Franklin, for he has the very hank

To run the institution they call the First State Bank.

There is Robb Alexander, the curly headed boy,

He's also working in this bank - for he is the ladies'joy.


Then the next to be erected, and you bet it does look swell,

The Robertson Lumber Company's yard, its run by GeorgeBrunnell.

Next comes Anderson-Matthew's store, which was built uponthis land

For in it you can always get anything yoou may demand.

There are clerks that are always ready to jump at yourcall

And give you anything you want from a grindstone to a ball.


Then the elevators were the next to build, in number therewere four

And the grain they had to handle, we are sure there isroom for more.

Hanson-Barzen were the first with a coal shed in connection,

Douglas Gardner runs them both and he does it to perfection.


Then long came Lars Mickelson, he was the next to build,

Lars built an elevator and you can bet he got it filled.

With grain from all directions and sacks full to be crushed;

The poor old fellow is in a fix, because he is always rushed.


The Woodworth and the Prairie were the next to fall inline.

The first took in a little grain but the second it donefine.

With Cameron in the Prairie - so honest, fair and true

Just take a load of grain to him and he'll show you whathe can do.


Then Gabrielson & Burris' store on rollers it slidin,

It came all the way from Visby and now it is filled upto the brim.

With everythiing you want to eat, also to drink and wear,

So if you will, just give them a call, you will find themon the square.


Then came Mrs. Mitchell and built a grand hotel.

She built it on a corner lot - you bet it does look swell.

A blacksmith shop was next to build at the north end ofthe town.

The lad that runs this little shop, his name is CharleyBrown.


Then the Bank of Orleans came - in number that makes two;

Chester Clow, he runs the bank, his dealings will alwaysplease you.

Then Joe, he built a restaurant; upon a main street lot.

And if calling in on him you'll find Joe "Johnny onthe spot."


There is H. McLees our drayman - he has rigs of every kind.

So, if you want anything fancy, you will find it in hisline.

Now, if our town keeps growing, the same as it has been

You will see she will be soon as big as the old town ofNew Orleans.


Now, we have a school foundation, for that is all that'slaid,

We hope that when the snow goes off the rest it will bemade.

Then we want the electric lights to light up this herecity

And street cars going round the streets all run by electricity

Submitted by:

Eldora Ranum
524 South Riverside
Thief River Falls, MN 56701


Submitted by:

Eldora Ranum
524 South Riverside
Thief River Falls, MN 56701