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The Life of

Andrew John Pantzar


Jennifer Pantzer


6th Grade 1996, Kittson Central Middle School,Kennedy, Minnesota


My Great - Great - Grandfather

Andrew John Anderson was born in Viby Socken, Ostergotland,Sweden on August 9, 1852. He first lived in Viby Socken, Ostergotland,Sweden. He was confirmed in 1867. He served as a soldier for several yearswhile growing up in Sweden. It was at this time that he received the nameof Pantzar, which in the Swedish language means "shield."

On March 24, 1878, he was united in marriage to Miss ClaraMathilda Anderson. The family immigrated to the United States and settledin Chicago, Illinois in 1880 looking for a better life. While in Chicago,he worked in a foundry where he was very seriously burned when a new workerdidn't understand explicit instructions. He consequently spilled a cauldronof molten contents over much of Andrew's body. The burns healed slowlyand, after a year or so, he was able to return to work.

In 1887, his wife passed away, leaving him with 3 children,Hulda, Isaac, and Esther. The children's grandmother and Aunt Johanna accompaniedthe motherless children and Andrew while moving away from the big city.

In 1888, he came to Kittson County where he settled ona farm in the township of Tien, but he only lived there one year.

In 1889, he purchased a farm four miles north of the villageof Kennedy in Tegner township, Kittson County. He moved into a sod housearound Christmas time and lived with his sister, Johanna, until his son,Isaac, got married in June of 1917. They built a new house and he livedthere until his death.

Andrew grew wheat, flax, barley, oats, corn, and potatoes. He farmed it all with horses because he could not afford machines. Healso raised dairy cows, hogs, chickens, and, of course, horses. He farmedabout 480 acres when he first started which gradually grew to be about800 acres.

He was a highly respected man, kind, upright, thrifty,and he was a true Christian. He attended the Hallock Evangelical LutheranChurch. He read his bible and Augustana almost every day. In his sparetime, he hunted prairie chickens and geese. He also loved to do the chores. He didn't like to play with the children, but he sure liked to tell themwhat was right and what was wrong!

Mr. Pantzar continued to enjoy good health until 1938 atwhich time his failing health forced him to stay with his sister, Johanna. In August of 1940, he became bed ridden for about 5 weeks. His last daywas on Thursday morning September 5, 1940 at 9:15 a.m. at the age of 88years and 28 days old. The funeral service was held on a Sunday at 2:00p.m. The Pastor was W. E. Erickson


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