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My Grandmother

Esther Paulson


Michelle Hendrickson


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My grandmother is Esther Carol (Haattvedt) Paulson. Shewas born on August 28, 1931. She was born at home, near Halma, Minnesota.

Her parents were Arthur and Grace Haattvedt. She alsohad three sisters.

She started school when she was six years old. The Halmaschool was a two room school with four grades in each room.

As a little girl, she did have to do chores. She hadto carry in wood, water, and in the winter, snow. They melted it and usedthis nice soft water to wash their hair and to clean their bodies.

When she started school in the third grade, her father,Arthur was the bus driver. In the summer he used a car and in the winterhe used a sleigh pulled by a horse. It had a caboose with a stove to keepwarm and heated rocks or bricks kept their feet warm. It had blankets forthem and two benches on each side to sit on.

In the summer, they had to walk a half a mile to the busstop which wasn't far compared to what some kids had to walk.

They had cattle on the farm. In the summer, the pasturesbecame dry. They had to herd cows and it was very boring. The whole summerthey had to herd them, but for fun they read books and talked.

On Saturdays, they went to town to get groceries. Thekids, while the parents were visiting, went to the railroad station whichwas called the depot.

My grandmother remembers that they dared each other tostand on a platform and wait for the train to come, but she said she waspressed against the wall the whole time because she was scared.

Her mother canned food so they had to help in the garden. They did have friends come over and they went over to friends houses.

There were many kids in the neighborhood, so they wentto a lot of birthday parties.

When she went to 8th grade, the state gave out an exam. If they passed, they went to 9th grade, if not, they were still in 8th. She, by the way, passed.

She went to four years of high school and graduated in1949. After high school, she got a job as a "hired girl." Shecleaned up around the house and milked cows.

Then she went to teachers training in Thief River Falls. She rode a train there.

After a year of teacher's training, she taught in a ruralschool. She had thirteen children in all. Three of the eighth grade boyswere taller than she was. She had to write the board work at night in thewinter because in the morning the board was cold and damp.

At the age of twenty, she got married to Arden Ralph Paulson. She then had five children: Patricia, Micheal, Gregory, Vicki, and Marcia.

Now she lives northwest of Karlstad.

Information given by Esther Carol Paulson


Information given by Esther Carol Paulson