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Marian Paulson


Brandy Paulson


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


I admire my mom because she is a hard worker. She alsogot all her work done on time. When she was a little girl. But her parents(my grandpa and grandma) and her classmates did not make a good deal ofgood in them. So, it was hard for her. She was nice and she had to getall her work done and go and work on the farm. She got straight A in schooland her teacher was hard and she had to be be good.

Because, if she came home early, she would have to be sick. If not, she would be in a lot of trouble. She is a good person to admireand in loving and hopeful. She is very nice. She has no brothers or sisters. She was grown up strict and only or toys to play with. When she Gradygot a bike and only got to have one kid over to house. She is nice andwhen to do stuff for her she will. But if you do stuff for you. But sometime,she is sick and then she is not so nice. But, I like her. And, if youare sick, she will take time off to spend time with her even if she hadsomething important to do she would stay with you. But if you get in trouble,she will sit down and talk to you about it. She is very kind. And verynicety and smart very very smart. Her favorite subject was math.

She learned also in school. And she works in the Assessor'soffice as the boss. There she works very hard. She works for the County. She had to stem from the bottom and work to the top so always worked hard. When she was little, she had to help on the farm and round up the cattleand feed the cats. And - do all her homework before supper.

Interview - Marian Paulson

terview - Marian Paulson