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My Cool Grandmother

Evelyn Cecila Pawlowski


Kaylene Kuznia


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


I'm interviewing my Grandma Evelyn. The reason I'm interviewingher is because I love her and she is cool. Another reason is because shespends a lot of time with me, she plays cards with me, she bakes and craftswith me. We have fun and laugh together.

My Grandma's full name is Evelyn Cecila Pawlowski and hername before she was marred was Deschene. She was born on July 10, 1927and that would make her 96 this year! (Insert - since this essay was writtenin 1997, it would appear that her age would have been 70) She was bornin Bloomer Township, in a farm house 9 miles west of Argyle. Grandma'sparents were Albert and Georgianna Deschene. Grandma's parents had 14 children,8 boys and 6 girls. (Louis, Leona, George, Lawrence, Rose, Daniel, Evelyn,Elisabeth, Richard, Maybe, Leonard, Joseph, John and Theresa).

They had to have a large house for 16 people with two woodstoves. They had a big wooden long table that they ate around and alsodid their homework. Grandma lived around Argyle all her life and on a farmwith a lot of animals (milk cows, calves, sheep, chickens, turkeys and 2goats.) Grandma's dad was a farmer that had grain crops.

Grandma went to a country school for 3 years and she hadto walk 3 miles with her brothers and sisters. They had one teacher forall grades. The school was heated by a pot belly wood stove. When theygot home, they had some chores to do. Before my grandma sat down to eat,the chores had to be done. Her chores were to gather eggs and feed thechickens. Grandma's brother, Daniel, and Grandma Evelyn had to chop woodand haul the wood in to burn in the kitchen stove which was used for cooking. Grandma's mother had to watch not to put too much wood in the stove, thebread could burn, and that did not taste good. And, they also had to haulwood in the front room, which heated the house, and the floor was very cold. My grandma didn't have electricity or running water or an inside bathroom- just an outhouse.

When they started at the convert (4th- 8th grades) school,grandma's dad made an enclosed school bus. They had to heat bricks, putthem in the oven at night so they would be warm in the morning. They wouldbe warm in the school bus on the floor, they would put their feet on themto keep them warm and a big horse blanket to keep them warm. Two horsespulled the school bus. It took them a 1/2 hour to get to school, 6 miles. Grandma went to her first year of public high school in Argyle.

Grandma dated Grandpa Ralph for 4 1/2 years before gettingmarried. They got married January 14, 1947. The day of their wedding wasthe biggest storm of that year. They were 1/2 an hour late for their ownwedding. Grandma opened her box of flowers and they were red instead ofwhite flowers. They got married and had dinner at her parents farm. Theirdance was two days later. They made their first home in the town of Argyleby the water tower. Grandma went to her Grandmother's to do her wash ina wagon.

Then, in August, 1947, my grandparents moved to their farm1 mile south of Argyle and are still living there today. When they gotmarried they had milking cows, pigs, chickens, and ducks. They had electricityin the house but no running water and no bath tub until 1955. They builta new house on their farm in 1977. They now raise potatoes and have smallgrains. They had seven children, four boys and three girls. My mother,Joyce, is one of the seven children. My mom is the second child and daughter. My grandmother has 12 grandchildren and number 13 is due in April, 1997. But, I'm Kaylene, the 3rd granddaughter and the 7th grandchild.

My grandmother is retired but she still loves to cook,bake, sew, knit, crochet, and make crafts. She loves going to senior mealsand then playing cards and enjoying being with her friends. She likes totravel but, most of all, she loves spending time with her grandchildren.

My grandparents will be married 50 happy years on January14, 1997!

50 happy years on January14, 1997!