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Brent Philip Pearson


Patrick F. Pearson


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Brent Philip Pearson

Born - September 8, 1951


For this paper essay, I interviewed my father, Brent PhilipPearson. In 1974, he married Peggy Lee Pearson. In 1977, she gave birthto Casey Brent Pearson. In 1979, she gave birth to Katie Elizabeth Pearson. In 1982, she gave birth to me. In August, mom and dad will celebrate their20th wedding anniversary.

In my interview, I asked about the weather, the years,and the important events. Here is the essay.

In nineteen-eighty, there was a terrible drought that lastedfrom the beginning of spring to about August. Either it was 1968 or 1985that it was the wettest in Kittson County because there was a lot, and Imean a lot, of rain. The worst storm in Kittson County was in March of1966. There was a four day blizzard, and the snow piled up as high as thetelephone poles. In 1984-1987, somewhere in there, there was a tornadoin Lancaster. It was right by our house, and it jumped over our house. Talk about lucky.

In 1954, Hubert H. Humphrey spoke in Lancaster. That wasthe biggest event in Kittson County. That's what my dad said. He alsosaid that the saddest day in Kittson County was when President John F. Kennedywas killed. There have been a few newspapers printed in Kittson County. There have been the Lake Bronson Budget, the Kennedy Star, and the LancasterHerald. I'm sure there were probably more, but that's all we know.

The first settler in Kittson County was a man with thelast name of Jerome. Dad doesn't know the first name. He settled somewherenorth of Hallock. The population of Kittson County since my dad was bornhas gone down quite a bit. There have been suicides in Kittson County. The first town to be settled in Kittson County is believed to be St. Vincent. We haven't had any chains of businesses in Kittson County. The biggesttown in Kittson County is Hallock. Nobody famous has come from KittsonCounty.

Well, there is my essay on Kittson County history. I hopeyou have enjoyed it.


Interviewed by Brent Philip Pearson on April 17-18, 1994

by Brent Philip Pearson on April 17-18, 1994