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Edith May McIntyre Pede


Connie Pede

Junior High Division


Miss Edith May McIntyre was born at Bathgate, North Dakota,November 3, 1909. She lived on a farm eight miles out of Bathgate.

Edith went to school in Bathgate, North Dakota. She startedin the first grade. Edith went to the Bathgate school for three years thenmoved to Cavalier and Backoo, North Dakota, and Tyner.

She rode to school in a horse and buggy in the spring andin the winter she rode in a cutter of bobsled.

When Edith went to Tyner's country school, there were onlyfifteen pupils in the whole school. Edith's two brothers, Samual and Marvinwent to the same school with her.

At the end of school, they had a big picnic and they playedlots of games. Some of the games were pump-pump-pullaway, baseball, anddrop the handkerchief.

Edith's teacher, Miss Mary McGurran of Cavalier, NorthDakota, had an open sore on her leg. It was tuberculosis of the bone, butshe still taught school.

In 1924, Edith May McIntyre married Rudolph Pede. Theywere married in Crookston, Minnesota, November 15, 1924. They lived on afarm about five miles out of Neche for six years.

In 1931, they moved to a farm near Fort Pembina.

They had seven children, six sons and one daughter. Theoldest son is Marvin, then Russell, the two twins, Donny and Darlene, thenFrancis and Leslie, then the youngest one was Charles. Donny died in theyear of 1937, when he was five.

One real bad thing that happened is that one day, Edithand her brothers got caught in a real bad storm coming home from school.The man that drove the team and sled drove them right up to the door. Itlasted for two days and they couldn't go to school.

During school storms, they sat in the house and read theirschool books and studied their lessons for the next day.

Edith's mother and father lived in Bathgate and her grandparentslived right across the street from the school.

The town site of Bathgate is located on the southeast onequarter section of section three, township 162 North, Range 53, West. Thisquarter section of land was homesteaded by William Foster in 1879.

The School District Number 25 war organized in 1882 andthe first school was built in that year. Later, a brick building was erected,which was destroyed by fire in 1913, and the present building erected. Thebuilding served until reorganization moved the school to Neche in 1966.

The State School for the Blind was located in Bathgateand opened in February, 1908. The school for the blind was moved to GrandForks and they made a rest home out of the building. It's still operatingto this day.

Edith's mother's name was Charity Webb and her father'sname was Robert McIntyre.

Edith's mother was born in Loma, North Dakota, and herfather was born in Meaforde, Ontario, Canada.

Edith and her brother road horseback and also herded thecattle.

Something exciting about Edith's pony was when he wouldhave his head down and Edith would put her leg over the pony's neck, thepony would throw his head back and Edith would land right on his back. Herpony's name was "Gip".

When Edith's mother was sick, she had to set the breadat night so it could be baked the next day.

Edith rode horseback to the country store and carried thefood back in a gunny sack. She also went with the pony cart. The store wasat Backoo. It was the only store they had. It was about three miles fromher home.

Edith also attended church. She attended most Sundays.Sometimes they never went to church because it was too far. She and herfamily went to the Presbyterian Church. Edith attended with a lady she workedfor.

Edith also helped her dad milk the cows and feed the animals.

Edith's dad had a lynx follow him home from Neche to Bathgate.He only had a few matches. He lit piles of dry grass along the way so thelynx wouldn't jump on him.

The next day the lynx was found in a bush near Bathgate.It climbed up a tree and somebody shot it. They had to put a blanket overit to finish killing it.


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