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The Life Story Of

Amy Peterson


Clifford Peterson


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Amy Peterson grew up on a small farm in Halma. As a littlegirl, she went to school in a six seater bus. Then, in 1939, Amy got marriedto Clifford Peterson. Soon, they moved to a little shack. They lived thereuntil they had their three kids. Then they built a new home just aboutfifty yards away. Their three kids were born five or more years apart. There were two boys and one girl.

On their farm they had chickens, cows, horses, and pigs. she mainly took care of the chickens. Then, they sold the farm to thekids. So, Clifford went into the insurance business.

So, Amy and Clifford had the house to themselves. Now,it is 1994, and she now has six new grandchildren. Neil (her youngest child)and his wife, Davie, had two children, Jesse and Molly. Darrell (her middlechild) and his wife, Pat, had three children, Pam, Penny, and Clifford. Aredell (her oldest child) and Wally had one child, Vicki.


I had a personal interview with Amy.

interview with Amy.