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Who I Admire The Most

Jerry Peterson


Anne Marie Peterson

6th Grade 1998, LancasterSchool, Lancaster, MN

One person that I really admire is my father, Jerry Peterson.He was born on September 6th, 1949. Jerry grew up on the family farm andhelped with many different things like feeding the animals and milking thecows. Jerry also harvested potatoes, sunflowers, and wheat.

As he got older, Jerry had many different jobs. He hauledpotatoes to Lake Bronson and did general farm work.

Jerry graduated in 1967 and was drafted into the army in1969. When he came back from the army, Jerry went to Vietnam. He was inthe 199th light infantry brigade. He spent 9 and a half months in the junglethen drove the jeep for a while. After that, the 199th was extended to getout early for 2 months. Soon after the 2 months were over, Jerry went backto carrying a gun in the jungle for 2 months then went home.

In 1970, he worked at Gordy's Repair and worked on carsand tractors. That is where he got his mechanical skills. Jerry worked therefor 2 years and then quit his job.

In 1972, he met Jody Turner. There were driving aroundone night and Jerry proposed to my mother. They got married that summeron September 30th. Both families were very happy for them.

After they got married, Jerry went to work at the Bus Plantin Pembina. Jerry worked there for 2 years and quit because he had a joboffer at the Lancaster School. Jerry started there in 1974.

One year later, Jerry and Jody had a baby boy. They namedhim Jesse Gerald. He was born on April 3rd, 1973. They proceeded to havefour more children. Next was Joel David, he was born on January 6th, 1976.

Jerry was still working at the school until 1979. ThenJerry got another job at Gordy's Repair. Times were pretty hard at the Peterson'shouse because they didn't have much money. Jerry got laid off in March 1981.Then the school offered him another job so he took it.

After all that commotion, Sarah Elizabeth was born on May24th, 1981. Jerry and Jody were very excited to have a baby girl.

They waited a couple of years before their next child.Anne Marie was born on November 1st, 1985. Sarah was so excited to havea sister. She spent many hours talking and playing with her.

In the year of 1990, their 5th child was born on February19th. They named him Jordan Scott.

Jerry still had his job and has had it ever since.

This year, Jerry got to be a grandfather to Jess and Joni'sbaby boy. He was born on March 13, 1998 and was named Jackson John.

I admire Jerry the most because he has always lead me theright way. I learn something new every day that he has shown or taught me.I hope that I will be as good a mother that he is father. That is who Iadmire the most.


I got my information from an interview with my father,Jerry Peterson

ormation from an interview with my father,Jerry Peterson