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Myron Peterson


Amanda Kazmierazak


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


I interviewed by grandfather, Myron Peterson. He was bornin 1931 to Myrtle and Ankilm Peterson. He lived on a farm southwest ofLancaster, MN. Grandfather was the middle child of 7 children. He had2 sisters and an older brother and 2 sisters and a brother younger. Hewent to 2 different country schools in Granville Township. He either walkedto school or sometimes they could take the horse pulled buggy in the winter. After school, they had to help with the chores, milking cows and carryingin wood for the wood stove.

One time while playing tag with the neighbor's boy, grandfathergot in the way of an ax. It cut him just above the ankle bone and cut thetendon off. He had to have it sewn back together. The doctor didn't givehim crutches so he had to hop around on one foot for a month or more.

When the country school closed, he had to go to schoolin Lancaster.

In the fall of 1943, grandfather's father and a coupleof friends went on a hunting trip and on the way home they had a car accident. Grandfather's dad and a neighbor were killed. Life wasn't easy becausethe kids had to do more of the work. Grandfather had to miss a lot of schoolto help his brothers who had taken over the farm after their father waskilled. Grandfather couldn't keep up with the school work so he quit schoolafter the 8th grade.

When grandfather got older, he worked for several differentfarmers as a farm hand. He went to New Mexico and worked in the oil fieldsand worked in the woods in International Falls, MN. He went to Minneapolisand worked at different jobs there. In 1960, grandfather married PatriciaCarroll. They lived in Minneapolis till 1965 where they had 4 childrenand then moved back to the Lancaster area. He worked at Mileage Stationin Hallock and started farming in 1967 and still is farming. Another childwas born in 1968.

In 1976, Grandfather became very ill. After two operations,he could no longer hear. Grandfather had to work hard to adjust to a worldwithout sound. He took in "speech reading" which is a lot likelip reading. Everyone in the family had to help him with his lessons. Then he had to wear a hearing aid. The hearing aid didn't help him to hear,they were for his balance. They also vibrated to sounds so he could tellif a machine was running.

Today, grandfather is still farming and raising beef cattle.

I interviewed Myron Peterson.

I interviewed Myron Peterson.