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A Life In Review

Raymond John Peterson


Jon Peterson


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


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My Grandpa Raymond John Peterson was born in Argyle, Minnesotaon September 4, 1913. He went to a country school in Cannon Township northof Lake Bronson. In the summer, he walked to school but in the winter wastaken by a horse drawn sleigh. The school was a one room school house withone teacher who taught grades one through eight. He attended through gradeseven then he and his brother, Carl, quit to work at Kiene Farms. Theywere hired at the wages of one man but after about two weeks got full wages.

He started serving in the army in 1942. He was draftedless than a month after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was stationed inCamp Walters, Texas training troops for World War II. One his first leavefrom the army, he was married to Anna Christine Peterson. They were marriedin Mineral Wells, Texas and lived there for about eight to nine months. During his time in the service, she gave birth to their first of nine children,Arlyne Rae Peterson. When he got out of the service, they went back andfarmed a couple - north of Lake Bronson again with brother -

In 1948, they moved into town and he did various communityservice jobs until 1949 when he worked for the Village of Lake Bronson asa - - driver, and maintenance man for 37 years. In 1950, he ran for Sheriffbut lost.

In the winters before he drove school bus he had to getup at about 4:00 a.m. to - - roads and alleys. Then, at night he had todo police work. Some nights he wouldn't get any sleep at all. In 1970through 1980 he did a great deal of work establishing the Kittson CountyMuseum in Lake Bronson. From the time of 1973 to 1993, he was chosen towork for the National - - - service. My Grandpa is a good man and hasdone a lot for both the town and country.

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