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My Grandpa

Tilman Peterson


Eric Peterson


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


He was born in Northwood, ND on February 25, 1908 in arural farm house. His parents were Henry and Johanna "Iverson"Peterson. They both came from Norway. They immigrated to the United Statesin the late 1800's. They worked on farms their first years and saved theirmoney and invested in a hotel / restaurant. Later he sold it and boughta farm where they lived the rest of their lives. There were nine childrenin the family. Five brothers and four sisters.

He started school at the age of six in the first grade. He studied reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, English, physical education,music, and a little science. School was from nine to four with 3 breaks. One break at 10:30 for 15 minutes, another at noon for an hour, and oneat 2:30 for 15 minutes. School lasted for 9 month with 3 months of vacation. His school also only had one room for all grades.

His house had 5 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room,kitchen, and a utility room. He slept upstairs with his younger brother. Two of the bedrooms were doubled. His brothers' names were Engwald, Magnus,Helmer, Emil, and my grandpa, Tilman. His sisters were Milla, Selma, Ida,and Dagny. For fun in the summer they played baseball, volleyball, andhorseshoes. In the winter, they would cross country ski and in the springthey played hockey on the ponds.

He helped with the farm work by operating machinery drivenby horses. They had sixteen horses for pulling the machines. They raisedwheat, barley, oats, rye, flax, potatoes, and hay for the horses. Grainwas cut by a binder which made bundles and was tied together with twine. Later, they were shocked. When dried they were hauled to a threshing machinewhere the grain was separated from the straw. The machine was powered bya big steam engine. The grain was hauled to market or home to be storedin the granary. Potatoes were dug and brought to market.

He then graduated the 8th grade and got his diploma.

During his spare time, he studied electricity to becomean electrician. He worked for an electrical contractor and finally receivedhis masters license.

When World War II was declared, he was drafted into theNavy and received Petty Officer first class rating. He served at Farragut,Idaho; at U.S. Naval base in San Diego, California; in the Pacific Theatre;and stationed at Okinawa until the end of the war. Then he came home andreceived his discharge at Wold Chamberlain Field in Minneapolis, MN.

He then started an Electrical Contracting company performingall types of electrical work including power plant, school and church wiring.

He is now retired and has 6 children and 6 grandchildren.

retired and has 6 children and 6 grandchildren.