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My Grandma

Esther Pietruszewski


Tracy Johnson


6th Grade 1996, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Ellert and Elida Snare were the parents of my grandmother.Ester Pietruszewski was born on Thursday, August 11, 1936, the youngestof six children. All children were born at home except my grandmother. DoctorKnutson came to the house when my grandma was born.

She went to school in Pelan for three years and the restof her schooling was in Karlstad. My grandma lived on a farm. One thingshe liked was to help her dad on the farm. Every day she would have to goand pick eggs. One day when she was picking eggs, a rooster jumped on herback and pecked on her head. The next day they had chicken for dinner.

Her first cat was Snow Ball. It was white with one pinkeye and one blue eye. It got kicked by a cow. After that, it was never thesame. So, a couple of years later it died.

When my grandmother was little, there was no electricity.So, to keep things cold they would put their food down in the bottom ofthe well. She helped a lot around the farm. When she was little, she hadto do lots of work at home. One thing she hated the most was picking rocksand cleaning pig pens.

She had a house on top of a hill, so in winter they wouldgo sledding. In the summer, they would go fishing. Every year, they wouldsave their money and go to the carnival at Greenbush, Minnesota.

Her dad, Elert, worked on a farm about seven miles awayfrom where he lived. Sometimes my grandmother went with her dad to work.The man he worked with lost a hen and some chickens. He said, "if youcan find them, you can have them" Well, my grandmother did find themand she took care of them very well. There were about thirteen chickens.

When my grandmother was out of school, her first job wasWikstrom Telephone company in Donaldson, Minnesota for two years. She alsoworked on a farm as a wife to help out a farmer's wife. And, at this farmis where she met her husband (which is my grandfather). They got marriedin Greenbush on November 17, 1953. Then, they lived in Karlstad till firstchild was born. They spent one winter living in the cities before movingto North Dakota for fourteen years. Then, two more kids were born. My grandmotherpicked potatoes every fall. In 1969, they moved to Donaldson, Minnesota.She was a clerk for the town for about six years. Every summer she tookcare of her yard and her garden.

To make a little extra money, she would baby sit. Her husbanddied April 18, 1993 and in the fall of that year she moved to Kennedy, Minnesota.

She is a volunteer driver for senior citizens. She neverhad her driver's license. She still likes to work for potatoes. For thepast three years, she has been cleaning the Elevator in Donaldson. She isvery proud of her twelve grandchildren and her two great grandchildren.

I got my information from my grandma and my mom!!!

>I got my information from my grandma and my mom!!!