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Mary Pietruszewski


Ryan Rector


6th Grade 1996, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My essay is about Mary Pietruszewski. She is our neighborand a good friend of mine and our family. She babysat my brother, Travis,and I for about eight years. It was fun having her as a baby sitter becauseshe was nice and made homemade goodies.

She was born in 1924 in northern Minnesota. Her motherdied when she was eleven years old. (That is how old I am now!) Mary'sneighbor lady came over and taught her how to cook. From then on, she waskind of like the mother of her family and did her mother's work. Becauseshe was needed at home, she only attended school for six years.

In 1945, she married her husband, Raymond Pietruszewskiand moved about three miles from Karlstad right next door to where I live. Mary and Ray used to own the land that our house is built on. She haslived there for about 45 years and plans to spend the rest of her life there.

She has six children, seven grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. Three of her children are boys, and three of them are girls. Their names are: Richie, Rick, Ernie, Joanne, Virgie, and Veronica. Onelives in Washington, one lives in North Dakota, and the other four stilllive here in Minnesota.

Mary worked for Arctic Cat in Karlstad for many years inthe sewing department. She helped make lots of jackets and snowmobile suitsover the years. The Arctic Cat Company went out of business a while back,but Mary still does a lot of sewing at home. She mends and makes clothesfor me, and in return, I help her haul firewood and, in the fall, I helprake leaves and other odds and ends.

Mary and her husband have a big garden each year. Shedoes a lot of canning and sometimes she gives us canned vegetables, jellyand pickles.

Mary is now retired but helps Ray in the shop refinishingfurniture. When she is not busy in the shop, she likes to crochet, makequilts, bake and sew.

Whenever I stop over, she gives me homemade treats likecookies, bars, or cake. I like Mary a lot!

s, bars, or cake. I like Mary a lot!