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Mark Rabe

Junior High Division


The word "plumbing" comes from the Latin word"Plumbum." This word means lead. In Roman times, water was carriedto houses in lead pipes.

In plumbing, there are two sets of pipes. One set carriesthe dirty water; the other pipes carry the clean water.

In the United States, the first plumbing fixtures wereinstalled in the kitchen sink. Very soon, as early as 1871, the first bathtubswere on the market. The first were wooden boxes lined with lead, tin orcopper.

Our century has seen the greatest progress in plumbing.

Have you ever wondered what plumbing really is?

We can say it is the installation, fitting, repairing,and maintenance of pipes and fixtures for liquids, and gases in and aroundbuildings. A plumbing system consists of supply pipes leading water andgas into a building, and drain pipes for removing waster water. I choseto write on this subject because I have a Grandfather Rice and an UncleDave Rice who are plumbers.

Dave lives in Bloomington, Minnesota, making his livingat plumbing. My grandfather lives in Bagley, making his living in plumbingtoo. He has been a plumber a great many years!

r a great many years!