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Charles Reese


Aaron Steen


6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Charles Reese was born September 19, 1913. He was theyoungest of three children. His parents were Frank and Amelia Reese. Charlesgrew up on the banks of the Red River near Pembina, ND.

When he was 15 years old, he began to work away from home. He worked in Nebraska picking corn and potatoes by hand. He stayed homein the winter and chopped wood for his neighbors along the Red River. Charlesalso did a lot of trapping. Some of the animals he trapped were mink, skunk,and weasel. One winter, he found a den of skunks it it. While trappingthem, he was sprayed by many. Some of his other jobs were taxidermy.

During World War II, he pulled planes across the of theUnited States and Canada with a team of horses. He earned $20 a plane thathe pulled. Later, Charles worked as a mechanic in Humboldt. One day theStandard Oil man came to talk to him to see if he would work at his station. He worked there for ten years and then he bought the service station. He owned it for seven years and then sold it.

Then Charles worked as a postal clerk for three years inHallock. He was then appointed postmaster and held that position for 11years. Charles suffered a heart attack and his health forced him to retireon January 1, 1976.

Charles married Mary Olsonawski on April 18, 1944. Laterthat year, they had their first child. They named him Ronald. A girl,Peggy, was born in 1948. She lived to the age of 15 years old and diedof health problems she had had since birth. Another daughter, Michelle,was born in 1953. Their fourth child, Jeffrey, was born in 1961.

Charles has lived his entire life in the Red River Valley. At the present time, he lives in Hallock, Minnesota with his wife, Mary.

Interview on March 30, 1995 with Charles Reese

rch 30, 1995 with Charles Reese