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Nora Rokke


Joy Smieja


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


On March 18, 1908, Nora Karine Rokke was born in her countryhome in West Valley Township.

When Nora was growing up, she wore black lace-up shoes,a long dress, an apron, a bonnet, and black wool socks. Nora said thatin the summer she wore all of that. . . except for the shoes and socks!!!

On Nora's 6th birthday, her mother gave her a doll. Soonafter she received another doll. She liked playing with the dolls and sheand her four brothers also played checkers, chess, and horseshoes.

Her four brothers were Arnold, Einar, Olger and Edgar.. . who were her only friends in grade school.

As a child, Nora's chores were to feed the turkeys, ducks,and geese every day. Every night she had to collect the eggs. . .whichwas hard because one chicken hid her eggs in a different place every night.

Nora's tonsils burst about a month before she was to starthigh school in Warren. Therefore, she could not start until they healed. As soon as they healed, they burst again.....she had to wait for them toheal AGAIN!!! After she was healed again, she asked her mother how muchschool she had missed. . .A WHOLE YEAR!!!! Nora stayed home the followingyear also because her father died and her mother needed help on the farm. Finally, after missing two years of school, she went on to Warren HighSchool.

When Nora started high school, she made two friends, HazelLind and Edna Law. She and the two other girls were inseparable. Edna wasan orphan living with Nora's uncle. Hazel, on the other hand, lived withNora's grandma. After high school, Nora went on to Northstar College inWarren.

In the fall of 1927, Nora got her first car. It was aModel T Touring. The license was on the car which was good for three years. After that, Nora bought a license every year.

In 1968, Einar died of cancer. Six years later (1974)Arnold died of a heart attack.

Nora still lives in West Valley Township. She lives inthe same house that she was born in. My family's house is about a milefrom her house. She lives with Olger and Edgar. Nora is a very nice personwho makes good cookies

a very nice personwho makes good cookies