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Robert A. Rondeau


Elaine Symington

Junior High Division


Robert J. Rondeau was born on March 30, 1915, in Pembina,North Dakota, to Tom and Josephine Rondeau.

Robert's parents had 10 children, six boys and four girls.Their names are Joseph, August, Josephine, Ernestine, Ernest, Thomas, Constance,Albert, and Robert. Their first baby girl died when she was little, so Robertdoes not know her. Robert's brother Ernest was killed in an accident, andthis was a very tragic experience for Robert.

Robert started school in 1921 in Pembina, North Dakotaand finished in 1929. Robert said that one of the happiest moments of hislife was when his father told him he could quit school.

When Robert was a boy, he had a lot of chores to do. Oneof these was chopping wood and bringing it into the house. The boys weresupposed to milk the cows, but Robert said he never could get the "hang"of it so he never had to do it.

Robert had his tonsils taken out in 1925.

After Robert got out of school, he was engaged in manydifferent jobs around Pembina and St.Vincent. He did carpenter work, workingmostly on houses. He did some cement work too. He helped do plumbing, suchas, digging water and sewer lines. During harvest time, he had plenty ofwork on the farm helping the farmers who needed him. Lots of times he duggraves for people who had lost one of their family through death. It wasn'talways easy to get someone to do this, so they were very glad they couldcount on Robert to do it. Robert did all of these different jobs duringthe thirties when it was hard to get a regular job because those were depressionyears.

In 1942, right after World War II started, Robert wentinto the armed service. He served for three years, ten and one-half months.He was glad he served because this was the most exciting event of his life.

After the war, Robert came back to Pembina and continuedto do the same kind of work as he did before he went away until 1950. In1950, Robert went to work for the Great Northern Railroad Company and workedwith them until 1961. In 1961, Robert got a job at the United States PostOffice in St.Vincent. Robert is still working for the United States PostalService.

In 1973, Robert had open heart surgery and came throughgood and continues to work and play.

Robert said the most wonderful thing that happened to himin his life time was when he married his wife, Anne Mary, in 1945. Theyhave lived happily together ever since.


Rondeau, Robert J., Interview, January 1975

=+1>Rondeau, Robert J., Interview, January 1975