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My Grandpa

Edwin Rosette


Amy Rosette


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My Grandpa's name is Edwin Rosette but we just like tocall him Ed. My Grandpa grew up in Thief River Falls in Minnesota. His dadwas a farmer, so Ed lived in the country.

Even though there were farms in town, Ed's father preferredto live in the country. Their farm was next to their uncle and aunt's. Itwas easier for people to share a farm with family or with good friends.Ed's dad and Uncle Jake had not too big a farm but not too small a farm.They raised potatoes, corn, wheat, barley, and had small orchard of apples.Ed's dad raised milk cows, some sheep, some goats, some chickens, and acouple of horses that were needed to plow the fields.

Since the most grown product was potatoes, all the childrenthat went to school got to get out of school to help with the crops. Eddidn't mind getting out of school anyway because then he didn't have towalk to school two miles every day. Besides not liking to walk to schooltwo miles every day, he didn't like his teacher either. If he or any ofhis class got in trouble, she made them stand in a corner with a dunce haton their head. The point of that was to have everyone laugh at you so thatyou would feel uncomfortable and behave.

Sometimes the class brought his teacher apples becausethey must have thought that she was poor. Ed never brought her apples becausehe didn't like her. But his sisters and brothers brought her apples becausethey liked her, but still Ed never brought her apples.

Ed shared a room with his brothers and, of course, hissisters had to share a room with each other. Ed hated sharing a room becausethe room was so small and he had to share a bed too.

Ed was a Catholic and he went to church every Sunday withhis brothers and sisters and, of course, his parents. The church was smalland they had to sit in a sweaty hot church in the summer and a very coldchurch in the winter.

Ed and his brothers only had one Sunday suit and his sistersonly had one Sunday dress, and they could not play after church. They hadother clothes, one pair of play clothes, one pair of school clothes, andsome old rage clothes that were used to work in. Ed's mother had a smallhand sewing machine which came in handy when they ripped their clothes.

In the summer, Ed and his brothers would make tents outof old potato sacks and sticks. They would play leap frog, war and sometimesEd, his brothers, and some of their friends would pick apple and tree branchesgo to the park and try to play cricket.

I got my information from my grandma and my grandpa's oldfriends that still go to his old church.

a's oldfriends that still go to his old church.