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My Grandma

Anna Rud


Andy Rud

6th Grade 1998, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My Grandma, Anna Rud, was born on October 4, 1911. Shewas born in West Valley Township, Marshall County, on a farm near Strandquist,Minnesota. Her parents were John Stromberg and Ingeborg Olson. Her Momhad three girls and three boys. The kids names were: Arthur, Mabel, Anna,Sally, Willard, and Maynard. Maynard died at two years old from pneumonia. Anna was the third to the oldest.

Grandma lived on a farm four miles south and a half mileeast of Strandquist, Minnesota. They raised a little grain and milked about10 cows. They used the milk for food and other things. They sold the cream. Her dad was a lumberjack. He cut down trees by Strandquist. She wentto school at the Sunnyside Schoolhouse in Strandquist, Minnesota. She completedeight grades. That's all of the grades they had to complete back then.

It was tough to get a job and if you did get a job youdidn't get paid very much. My grandma, Ann Rud, worked in the potatoesin the fall when she was about eighteen years old.

On August 3, 1937, Anna Stromberg and Andrew Rud got marriedin Newfolden, Minnesota. They lived on a farm 4 miles south and one mileeast of Strandquist. Grandma had seven kids. She had five boys and twogirls. Their names are: Louise, Daryl, Dennis, Phillip, Wallace, Sandre,and Palmer. Dennis died from pneumonia at one year old. Daryl was killedon a motorcycle three miles south of Strandquist, Minnesota when he wasthirty-seven years old. After the children were born they moved two mileswest and a half mile north to another farm.

Grandma worked in the potatoes in the fall. Grandma stayedhome with the children and took care of the farm because Grandpa Rud hada lot of jobs away from home. Some of his jobs were: he was a farmer andmechanic on a farm, logged at the Northwest Angle of Minnesota, he wentSouth with combiners and combined grains all across the United States andback into Minnesota when the grains were ready to combine here. DuringWorld War II, he built ships in Duluth for one winter for W.P.A.

Grandma liked to garden and have flowers, can vegetables,fruits, cook, bake lots of thin bread and lefsa, knit and sew many beautifulmittens, scarfs, doilies, and other things for her family. She was a veryactive member of the Bethesda Lutheran Church in Strandquist, MN. She helpedmake quilts and serve with the women's group. Grandma Rud also was a memberof the Strandquist Senior Citizens. She made quilts at the Senior CitizenCenter too.

Grandpa and Grandma Rud are watching over their grandchildrenfrom heaven.

Grandpa died March 109, 1979 in the spring

Grandma died December 2, 1995 in the winter

I got my information from my Aunt Louise

Written by: Andy Rud


Written by: Andy Rud