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Joyce Hoosier Ryden


Jeromy Braff


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My grandmother was born in Badger, MN on March 18, 1933. She was delivered by a mid-wife. Her parents were Ed and Alice. She hasfour brothers. Donald lives in Hillman, MN. Howard lives Badger. Vernonlives in Danerile, UT. Arnold (deceased) used to live in Florida. Shehas two sisters, Evelyn lives in Eagan, MN and Vivian lives in Racine, Wis.

My grandmother and her family lived in Badger until shewas three. They moved when she was five out in the country. That's wherehere brother, Arnold, was born. They were excited about having a baby brother. Vernon and my grandmother would play by putting chairs together and climbingin them and pretending they were cars.

My grandmother's father got a job as a blacksmith in Badger. So, they moved back to town. They didn't have any electricity in the houseso they had kerosene lamps for light. They didn't have any running waterso they had a pump in the kitchen so their mom would heat water on the stove.

They took baths in a wash tub in the kitchen where it waswarm in the winter by the stove.

My grandmother attended Badger School. They had to walkto school because the buses didn't pick up the town kids.

My grandmother's neighbor children would come over andthey would play Tag, Ball and a game they called Pull Away. In the winter,they would make angels in the snow. They would play a game called Fox 4Goose. They would also make tunnels in the snow banks. They had a placewhere they could go and roller skate and they had a movie theater.

In school, she was in band and basketball.

My grandmother baby-sat and worked at the movie theateron the week-ends. Her chores on Saturday were polishing the furniture. In the summer, it was weeding the gardens.

Most of my grandmother's dresses and coats were sewn byher mother. She was 16 when she got a new coat and it was a blue coat.

Before they got electricity, they had candles on theirChristmas tree. They couldn't have them burning very long though. My grandmotherhad to quit school in her junior year because she had to take care of herfather. He was sick and couldn't be left alone. Her mother was a cookat the cafe at the time.

She married my grandfather, Robert Ryden, in October 24,1951, in Badger. They made their home by Donaldson, MN on a farm. That'swhere all six kids were born. They moved in 1968 to a farm by Strathcona. My grandmother worked for a man on a farm. It was a lot different fromliving in town.

My grandfather and grandmother had six children. Daleworks at Marvin Windows. Mark and his family live in Strathcona and heworks at Roseau Farm Service. Warren lives and works in St. Paul. Charleslives in Strathcona and works for North Star Transportation. Barbara andher family live on a farm near Strandquist and she works as an Avon Lady. Julie and her family live on a farm near Greenbush and she works at Polaris.

My grandfather and grandmother have ten children: Matthew,Sara, Candy, Micky, Jessica, Jeromy, Felicia, Robin, Tonya and Bradly.

My grandfather and grandmother still live on the same farm. My grandfather is retired from Roseau farm service. Their hobbies arefishing and camping.

I got my information from my Grandmother, Mrs. Ryden

NT SIZE=+1>I got my information from my Grandmother, Mrs. Ryden