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Ann Victoria Boroski Satterlund


Laura A. Satterlund


6th Grade 1997, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


I am writing about my grandma, Ann Victoria Boroski Satterlund. She was born on September 28, 1916. She had five brothers and one sister. Then her. Her brothers were: Victor, Anton, Joe, Paul, Martin and hersister was Helen. Her mom and dad were Katharine Kushinski and Steve Boroski.

She had to a lot of chores at home. The chores consistedof picking berries, milking cows, feeding the cows, feeding the pigs, feedingthe horses, currying the horses, feeding the chickens, picking the eggsup, washing the clothes by hand, hanging the clothes up, carrying the woodin, starting the fire, churning butter, making lye soap, and carried outthe ashes. She had to take care of the pets.

She had to walk to school. It was one and a half mileseach way. She went to the Caribou School. Even during the winter. Ifthey even went to school. She couldn't play sports because there weren'tany. She had it tough. When the winter came and the snow was blowing,it would blow into the house and the snow would be on their beds.

She lived in three different places when she was youngand old. The places were Caribou, Grand Forks, and then Lancaster. Whenshe lived in Lancaster, she lived in the country. In Grand Forks, she workedat the Whitey's Cafe.

She was married in November 26, 1950. (The Baby-Boomeryear). She was 34 years old and my grandpa (Ole Sutterlund) was 32 yearsold. My grandpa was in a war. He was in the World War II war. It wasprobably very, very hard for him. He might have been worried if he wasgonna live or die.

My grandma and my grandpa had three kids. They are Roger,Sharon, and Charles or Chuck. They were born three years apart from eachother. Their birthdays are in order. Roger - September 27, 1951, nextwas Sharon - March 15, 1954, and last Charles - March 15, 1957.

Roger is my dad. Sharon is my aunt and Charles or Chuckis my uncle. They are very, very nice people. Roger has a wife and hername is Debbie. Sharon has a husband and his name is Jeff. Charles orcalled Chuck got married but then they got divorced. They all have kids.

My grandma was a very nice person. She cared about a lotof people. I wish she was still alive. She died a year after I was born. The date that she died was November 6, 1986. My grandma lived 16 moreyears than my grandpa. He died on September 17, 1972. When my grandmadied, I was very, very sad. She was very pretty. God bless her.

Bibliography: Interview. I interviewed her son, RogerSatterlund.

iew. I interviewed her son, RogerSatterlund.