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The Life Story Of

Roger Satterlund


Ryan Satterlund


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


He was born on September 27, 1951. He was born at KittsonMemorial Hospital at 6:15 a.m. His name is Roger Lee Satterlund. His parentswere Ole and Anne Satterlund. Later on, he would have a sister and a brother. His sister, Sharon, was born on March 15th in 1954 and his brother, Chuck,was born on March 20th 1957.

As he grew up, he went to school. When he was in sixth,Lancaster Public School added on the wing that has the shop in it and thenthe kindergarten room.

When he got older, he played football. Other sports forboys were baseball and basketball. All girls could do was be cheerleaders.

As with most young boys, he had to help on the farm inthe morning before he went to school and after he came home from school.

Also, when in school, they hardly had any homework becausethey had to work on the farm. Also, when in high school, he went to bedwhen he was done with his chores and dinner. What he learned in tenth grade,fifth and sixth learn graders now.

He and his family did not have a phone until his high schoolyears. With a phone you did not have any privacy. They had what they calleda party line. A party line was a line that if you called someone it wouldring in everyone's house that was on that line. Sometimes a party linecould be fun because you could talk to a lot of people at one time.

When his family had a T.V., it was black and white. Theyalso had a radio but it only had a few AM stations.

People hadn't even invented computers, vcr's, tapes, orthree-way light bulbs. They had invented the snowmobile, but it wasn'tvery nice. They didn't have furnaces. All they had was maybe a small oilor wood stove.

Roger has seen changes. The road that we call Highway59 used to go to Hawkyards corner and then to Lake Bronson.

In Lancaster, they had asphalt on only the main streets. In Lancaster, they used to have three hardware stores, five restaurants,two grocery stores, three gas stations, a car dealership, three churches,a farm implement, and a town newspaper. That was THE LANCASTER HERALD.

When Roger was in high school, you didn't need a licenseto kill a deer if you needed meat for your family. It was illegal but thegame warden overlooked it if you needed meat for your family.

In late spring when Roger graduated from high school, hemoved to Minneapolis like most kids did when they graduated. In Minneapolis,he worked at two factories during the years 1969 - 1977. In the fall of1977, he went to tech school in TRF. In May of 1978, he started work oncommercial building like Columbia Mall, First Federal Bank, and the CoalGasification Plant in Beaulah, ND until 1984. But during that time, hisfirst son named Ryan was born. In the spring of 1984, he moved back toLancaster. In 1985, his first daughter named Laura was born. He has beendoing carpentry work ever since and in 1992 his second daughter was born. Her name is Megan.

Interview from Roger Satterlund.


Interview from Roger Satterlund.