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Wilbert Seed


Donald Seed


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


The dust bowl was exceedingly dry. 1936 was one of thehottest and driest summers on record. It got up to 107 degrees in the summer. The crops were very poor because it was so dry. The dust bowl was theworst in western North Dakota.

My grandpa lived on a farm when he was 12 years old. Mygrandpa lived in a house that had no running water, no insulation, usedwood for heating and cooking when he was young.

My grandpa farmed with horses, his dad got his first tractorwhen my grandpa was 22 years old.

The storm on March 15, 1941 was a very terrible storm. It took 78 people's lives. It hit very suddenly, they had no warning. It was a beautiful day, it got up to 33 degrees above and that night whenthe storm hit it got down to 20 degrees below zero. My grandpa was on hisway to another town at 7:00 in the evening when the storm hit. He and someother people were in the car when the storm hit. The driver didn't havetime to turn the car around. They stayed there until 4:30 in the morningwhen someone rescued them with a team of horses and a sled. At 4:00 inthe morning, the drift in front of the car was 40 feet high.

My grandpa was born in 1913.


Interview with my grandpa

Interview with my grandpa