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The History Of

Bettyann Shablow


Jimmy Jones


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My Grandmother's name is Bettyann Shablow. Her maidenname is Bettyann Holmgren. Her parents were John and Elma Holmgren. Shegrew up on a farm east of Kennedy. Her dad was a grain farmer and alsohad cattle.

My Grandma also had lots of other chores, she had to feedgeese, chickens, sucking calves, and also pigs.

There was no running water and the only electricity wasa 30 volt light plant which was in the barn. She would have to go and turnif off at night. Boy was she scared.

Things got easier when they moved to Lake Bronson. Theyhad running water and no going out to the barn to turn off the light plant.

My Grandma went to school in Lake Bronson. She graduatedin 1953 and then went to Bemidji State University and graduated in 1957with a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduating, she taught schoolin Lake Bronson for third and fourth grades.

She married James Shablow on January 19, 1957 and had threechildren who were: my mom, Jimann ?? and Scott, my uncle, and my aunt Pattijo. Now, they have grand kids which are 7 boys and 2 girls.

I got my information from my Grandma, Bettyann Shablow.

randma, Bettyann Shablow.