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My Great Grandfather

Victor Frank Shablow


Heidi Johnson


6th Grade 1996, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Honorable Mention

Kittson County Historical Society GenealogyContest


Victor Frank Shablow was born in St. Joseph township ofKittson County on October 19, 1904, to Frank Shablow and Claria PrezkwasShablow. His folks lived in Winnipeg at that time but wished to have theirfirst child born in the United States. Brother of Vic were Ted, Frank, andJack. Sisters were Helen and Bernice. Vic attended school in Emerson, Manitobaand the A.C. at Crookston, MN. He developed into what may be classifiedas an expert machinist.

Vic and Agnes Benson were married in Chicago, Illinoisin 1929. During the two years they spent in Chicago, Ted and his brother,Frank, operated a repair shop. Work was plentiful but collecting a billwas very often an impossibility. Their son, Robert, was born in Chicagoand when he was eleven months old, they left for Lancaster. Vic continuedthe same line of work. He also became a dealer in Minneapolis Moline Machinery.Their second son, James, was born in Lancaster. In 1938, they moved to Claria'sparents farm west of Lancaster. They resided there until 1944 when theymoved to Lake Bronson. Their daughter, Judy, was born.

It was here in Lake Bronson that Vic developed his interestin flying. He became a joint owner of a new two passenger Taylorcraft Airplane.Later, he became qualified to do aerial spraying. In a few years, Vic builtup one of the finest, most widely known, spraying services in the northwest.Bobby and Vic loved to hunt. They spent many hours in the air, hunting forfox, wildcats, and timber wolves. This was an exciting sport and helpfulto the sheep farmers who often suffered losses due to the wild animals.

In the summer of 1954, when the army worms infested thearea, Victor, Bobby, and a hired pilot were over taxed with work. Victor,ever loyal to his customers, went beyond the call of duty to serve his patrons.After many hours of rigorous work, spraying fields in Kittson County andnearby counties, his plane crashed. He made a gallant fight for life butmet his untimely death on August 7, 1954.

Victor served on the Lake Bronson council and worked veryhard for the good of the town. He was very enthusiastic about obtainingwater for Lake Bronson. He possessed an exceedingly pleasant personalityand had gained friends from all walks of life. He was a member of the ZionLutheran Church and was also a member of the church council for many years.

The following tribute was written and sent to Agnes byPastor Seastrand, a very close friend of theirs.

"In memory of Vic Shablow, a real friend, the FlyingEagle of Lake Bronson."

"He worked hard and flew till the sun went down. Butas comes to all, regardless of midnight, it's sooner or later, our one lastflight. WE know not how long the life span is given. But this we all know- God wants us in heaven. So many each maneuver his own little craft tillin the breeze of God's mercy, we land safely at last" by Pastor R.Seastrand.

After the death of his father, Bobby continued aerial sprayingfor 16 years and then retired from the business.

I got my information from my mom and my Grandma, GloriaShablow.

I got my information from my mom and my Grandma, GloriaShablow.