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My Great - Great Grandfather

Emanuel Sjoblom


Nathan Sjoblom


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


1st Place

Kittson County Historical Society Essay Contest


Emanuel Sjoblom was my great - great grandfather. He wasborn in Gryterud Jonkopings L. Sweden. Upon his arrival at Ellis Island,New York, USA in the year 1874, he changed his name to Sjoblom. This wasthe common practice at this time.

Emanuel went to Norway, Michigan with other men seekingtheir fortune in the great western world. He began taking out his naturalizationpapers in the county of Menominee, Michigan. On May 24th of 1887, he becamea citizen of the United States. He made his home in that state for sevenyears and in 1881 came to Marshall County. Shortly afterwards, he homesteadedin what is now the township of Augsburg, Marshall County, but what was thena sparsely settled wilderness. He homesteaded, took a tree claim, and wasa pre-emptor.

Emanuel was married in 1883 to Bertha Vestin and they had13 children. The children were: Victor, Arthur, Alfred, Alvin, Selma, Hulda,Emma, Lillie, Anna, August, Anna Elizabeth, Ida, and Tilda. Emanuel farmedin the township of Augsburg all of his life. He died on September 30, 1929. His wife, Bertha, died on November 11, 1930.

Victor Sjoblom was the oldest son of Emanuel and Bertha,and was also my great grandpa. He married Alma Benson on April 5, 1914. They had two children: Eskil and Florence. They farmed in the Karlstadarea. Victor died on December 29, 1962. Alma died in 1984.

Eskil Sjoblom was my Grandpa. He was married to Irene(Wilebski) Sjoblom on January 30, 1940. Eskil and Irene had 5 childrenand their names are: Janice, who is my aunt and now lives in Michigan; Ivan,my uncle, who has alzheimers disease and is now living in the Larimore NursingCenter; Earl, my uncle, who lives in Northfield; Lynn, my dad, is marriedto Christy, my mom. They have two children: Noah and Nathan (me).

Lester, my uncle, lives in West Fargo and is in the NationalGuard.

Lynn Sjoblom is my father. He presently farms some ofthe same land previously farmed by Victor Sjoblom.

According to old family records, Emanuel Johanson becameEmanuel Sjoblom when he came to the United States because he felt therewere too many Johansons and Johnsons already here. Why he chose Sjoblomis unknown. The name Sjoblom means - sea bloom.

According to church records, Emanuel Sjoblom was one ofthe charter members of Salem Lutheran Church rural Stephen. Emanuel andBertha were the first to be married in the new Salem congregation. TheSalem Lutheran Church was established in 1883 and is 113 years old today.

I got my information from a church record and my grandma,Irene Sjoblom.

tion from a church record and my grandma,Irene Sjoblom.