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James O. Sjostrand


Brian Hanson


6th Grade 1997, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


My grandpa Jim is a really nice guy. He was born on July13, 1935 in Hallock, Minnesota. His parents were Anne and Ole Sjostrand. He grew up in the back of a jewelry store. It was a good size home.

Basketball was his favorite high school sport. He likedto play games like softball, can-can, work-up, and soccer. He went to schoolin Hallock, Minnesota. It was a medium size school and he had 31 kids inhis class. He had to walk to school every day. They had the same amountof books and supplies that we have now.

The weather was the same as now. They had blizzards, flood,and bad storms like we have now. His mom canned most of the food they ate. She canned fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products. His second housewas a basement. It had everything they needed. After that, he lived ona farm and he raised grain. That's where his first kid was born.

His second kid was born when he was in the navy. His onlypets were cats. He went to college at the University of Minnesota. Hegot married on April 25, 1959 to Maxine Sjostrand. His first car was a1954 Buick.

He went to the navy in 1961. He was 26 years old. Onetime when he was stationed in Alaska, there was an earthquake. When heran outside, he said the sidewalks were like waves.

Every Sunday he went to a Lutheran Church.

His first job was mowing grass. Now, he works at a jewelrystore and runs a mail route.

He chose to live here because of his job and he wantedhis kids to go to school here. He wanted a good school for his kids. So,he sent them to the Hallock School.

In 1970, he and two other good friends bought an airplane. I think all three of them still use it.

One of his favorite things to do is to go camping. Hehas had two or three campers. Every year he goes to Osh Kosh, Wisconsinto a big airplane show. Thousands of people come from all over the UnitedStates. They have all kinds of airplanes that he likes to look at. Now,he and his wife go to Red Wing, Minnesota a lot. His only son lives there. His name is Jeff. He has a nice wife named Kim. They have two kids. Sometimes they take their camper up to Lancaster, Minnesota. That's wherehis daughter lives. Her name is Sonja. Her husband's name is Mark Hanson. They have two kids.

In Jim's life, he's had about 10 vehicles. He used mostof them for his mail route. His wife used some of them to drive around. My mom and dad used one of their old cars.

Now, he lives in a nice cozy house with his wife, Maxine. He's been married for almost 40 years now.

Maxine. He's been married for almost 40 years now.