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Norma Sjovall


April Sjovall


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Norma Isabelle Rue Sjovall was born on November 11, 1913. She was one of 7 children born to the Nels and Ingeborg Rue family on ahomestead farm in Kittson County, Minnesota. It was there they raised cattlefor dairy and meat products, and horses for farm work and riding. In addition,they also had a lot of pet dogs and cats. Plus, they raised numerous crops,such as, oats, wheat, barley, potatoes, flax, corn, and sweet clover.

At the time she was born, she had two older brothers andone older sister. Her oldest brother was John, who was 19, born in 1894. Her sister, Emma, 12, was born in 1901, and Palmer, her other brother,was 4 at the time, born in 1909. After she was born, the family was blessedwith 3 more children. Bennie, born in 1915, was 2 years younger. Helen,born in 1917, is 4 years younger and, finally, Kenneth, born in 1924, is11 years younger. Out of all of these children, only 3 are still living. These are Helen, Kenneth, and Norma.

Norma first started school when she was 6 in 1919. Shewent for 8 years at Halma and graduated in 1927 from Hallock. After shewent on to high school in Karlstad in the year of 1928 and attended therefor 1 and 1/2 years.

In 1934, she married Einar Eugene Seth Sjovall at EidsvoldLutheran Church in Halma. They made their home in Pelan Township (Einarand his father, Ernest Sjovall, built that house). They have lived in thathouse ever since they got married.

Einar and Norma have been married for fifty-nine years. November 29th is their anniversary.

There were 3 children born in the Sjovall family. Rodgerin 1937, Ilona in 1939, and Ramona in 1956. There are also 3 grandchildren. Valorie, born to Rodgers's family in 1966. Andrew, born to Ilona's family,in 1979, and April, born to Ramona, in 1982.

Growing up on a farm, Norma knew what hard work was. Shehad many chores. Two of the chores were picking potatoes and picking potatobugs off of the potatoes! She milked a cow or two before she went to schooland she also helped her mother cook and sew.

All of their food, except flour and sugar, was grown onthe farm because trips to town were long and hard with horses, buggies,and sleighs. The buggies and sleighs were hard to drive because they weretop-heavy. The family automobile, a Chevrolet, was bought when Norma was12.

In her 80 years, Norma has witnessed many changes fromhorses to tractors, from airplanes to jets to space travel. He also livedthrough many years of war including such wars as: World War I, World WarII, Korea, Vietnam, and, of course, Desert Storm.

She lost several cousins in World War II. Son Rodger alsoserved his time in Okinawa returning home in 1961.

Norma enjoys life in spite of several colon surgeries anda broken leg - shattered really! But, little by little, things are lookingher way!

I got this information from my grandmother, Norma Sjovall

got this information from my grandmother, Norma Sjovall