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David M. Sorenson


Carl C. Christopherson


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


I interviewed my grandpa from Hallock, MN. His name isDavid Muir Sorenson born to Ruby and Adolfh Sorenson, December 31, 1959in the Hallock Hospital. He has one sister who is Gwen Fieck.

He has lived all of his life in the country. When he wasyoung, he did the chores which was milking the cows, feed the chickens,and the pigs. He started helping his dad in the field when he was 7 yearsold. He had to walk to school even in the winter.

He loved to play hockey which he started when he was afreshman in school but he missed some games because his mom and dad couldn'tgo in and get him. His Sophomore year he lived with his mom's sister sohe wouldn't miss any hockey games. He graduated from Hallock High School.

Then he enlisted in the Army for 2 years. He trained inthe infantry, which is with weapons, but never fought in a battle. In theservice, he traveled to Germany and Georgia. This is how Grandpa marriedGrandma. His friend took him to Appleton to get his friend's girlfriendso they could get married. My Grandma was a girl friend of their and thatwas how they met. Her name is Jean Jakowski from Menasha, Wisconsin. Shewent back to Georgia with Grandpa and married him there.

My Grandpa had to leave the service early because his dadbroke his leg so Grandpa had to go home and take over the farm.

My Grandpa and Grandma had seven kids and one is my Mom. They had 2 boys and 5 girls in the family. Of the seven children, 3 ofthem live here in Kittson County. His one son, Todd, still farms with him. When the boys were young, Grandpa was the hockey coach for their team formany years. Grandpa played hockey with the old time hockey league untilhe was 50 years old. My Grandpa and Grandma have 5 grandchildren.

He has farmed all of his life. That is hard to do. Healso likes to hunt and fish and sometimes he takes me with him.

I look up to him because he always tries to do a job rightnot wrong. Another reason why I respect him is he went through years oftraining to fight for our lives if there was a war. He has always beenthere if I need help.

Interviewed - My Grandpa David M. Sorenson from Hallock,Minnesota

David M. Sorenson from Hallock,Minnesota