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My Grandpa

David Sorenson


Becky Christopherson


6th Grade 1995, Hallock/Kennedy School, Kennedy,MN


David Sorenson was born on December 31, 1938. His parentsare Adolf and Ruby Sorenson. He had one sister, Gwen. He grew up on afarm and went to Moen Country School till he was in the 8th grade. Thenhe went and stayed with his Aunt and went to the Hallock High School andgraduated from there.

After he was done with school, he enlisted in the armyand was stationed in Georgia. While he was in the service, he met his wifeto be, Jean Jakowski, in Menasha, Wisconsin. He married her on January26th in Georgia. When he was done in the army, they came back to Hallockand he started farming with his dad.

David and Jean had 5 girls and 2 boys. He still continuesto farm small grains, sunflowers, and sugar beets with 1 of his sons.

David and Jean still live in Hallock, MN

Interviewed David Sorenson, April 27, 1995

on, April 27, 1995