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St. Vincent Post Office


Chris Cote


As we look at our past, we see a big booming town calledSt. Vincent, which was located on the banks of the Red River of the North,just across from already established Pembina. St. Vincent, the oldest townin Kittson County, sprang up in the 1880's.

John A. Vanstrom was the very first post master after theorganization of the village. He started the job in 1876. Tommy Reynoldstook over the job sometime in between 1879 - 1881. Another early St. Vincentpioneer was R. H. Lapp, who came from Lindsay, Ontario in 1881. He waspost master until 1923. Then in 1923 - 1932, Mrs. Gail Perry was in charge. Margaret Ryan was a clerk and she worked under Mrs. Perry. She helpedher do the job. 1932 came along and Mrs. W. G. Alice was post master. Mrs. Dick Lapp ended her period of service in 1961. Since then, RobertRondeau has been the St. Vincent post master.

The post office has been moved a couple of times. As farback as anyone can remember, the Post Office was housed in a very smallbuilding. mrs. Alice, Pete Twamley, Mrs. Lapp, and Robert Rondeau all workedin this small building.

In 1961, when Robert Rondeau took over the post job, hehad his office in the little building. Thenl he decided to buy a largegrey building for his residence and use the main floor for the Post Office. The government pays rent to Mr. Rondeau for having the post office in hisbuilding.

The village of St. Vincent was established in the 1880's. There were seven post masters, from the year 1881 until now. The St. VincentPost Office was moved several times back and forth from building to buildingand still is as important to St. Vincent as it was when it started.




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