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St. Vincent


Ronny Pede

Senior High Division


St. Vincent is the oldest village in Kittson County fromthe standpoint of settlement. We find that the frontier lore and traditionsof the lower Red River are centered about this old town. Most of the "firsts"in St. Vincent are dealt with the history of the country. St. Vincent, asearly as 1870, and then the XY Fur Company erected a post there in 1800.And that prior to that time Peter Grant had maintained headquarters thereas a fur trader. Of course, the settlers who found a colony at Pembina in1812 spread over into Minnesota and later the Swiss and other settlers,connected with enterprise, settled to some extent in the St. Vincent Community.

St. Vincent also had lots of steam boats going by at thattime. At one time, it was a pretty gig place. St. Vincent also had big fairswhenever they came around to that part of town. Lots of times when I haveplenty of time I go and I visit this friend of mine. He told me that St.Vincent, along with the fairs, had other interesting things while the fairwas going on. Like watching the people watching the judges looking overthe cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, etc. The fair grounds were at that timeright across from the bridge. But to this day the fair is in town. But theydon't have a fair any more. They moved it to Hallock, MN


J. E. Bouvette and Sons, Kittson County Enterprise

Eli Gooselaw, St. Vincent, MN

law, St. Vincent, MN