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Conrad Stallock


Kyle Stallock


6th Grade 1997, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


So far, Conrad Stallock has lived an amazing life. Hehas done more than his part in this world.

In 1929, in Argyle, Minnesota, Conrad Stallock was borninto a family of seven children by his parents, Polly and Andrew Stallock. He had four brothers and three sisters.

As a young child, he lived on a farm. The times were hard. His family didn't have much money so they didn't have any of the luxuriesin life. He had to work a lot to support his family. He got his firstjob working at a Post Office in Karlstad.

For schooling, he went to Karlstad and Strandquist. Hewas in school for nine to ten years.

For fun, he went to showhalls (theaters) and dances. Hedidn't have a television set like we do now. As a kid, he knew a littlebit of Polish.

For another job, he picked potatoes by hand because backthen there wasn't machinery like we have now. It took a lot of time andhard work. He worked all day. He has been in the potato industry his wholelife.

To heat their house, his family used oil. In the firsthouse they lived in, he used wood for warmth and their used it for light.

When Christmas time came, the kids didn't get many presents. But that didn't matter because they still had a great time.

Roller skating was a big thing back then, so, he rollerskated a lot. There wasn't much to do so he either roller skated or worked.

When he first saw a car, he wanted one. He saved everypenny to get one. He worked and worked to get one. Then, finally afterhard work, he could finally afford one.

When going to dances and roller skating rinks in his car,he would take some people to them. He met my grandma (Evelyn Stallock)when he rode with someone else to a dance. They got married on October15th, 1949. He was twenty years old when he got married.

He has had a few near death experiences in his life.

One of them was when his clothes got stuck on a P.T.O.shaft on a tractor. He was able to kill the tractor before he got killed. He had to wait for an hour or more before someone came and cut his clothesoff.

He had another near death experience in his life. He dranksome bad chemicals at J. B. Farms in Karlstad. He went to the hospitalin Karlstad. Then, he was air lifted to Fargo, North Dakota.

The last year, 1996, he had a couple of near death experiences. He had a couple of heart attacks.

He had three kids, Jerry, Tom, and Vicky. He has fivegrandchildren including me.

Some of his brothers and sisters have died.

He has been working at J. B. Farms for the past 17 years.

He is doing great right now.

I am proud to say, that Conrad Stallock is my grandpa.

Bibliography: Interview with Conrad Stallock


Bibliography: Interview with Conrad Stallock