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Audella Mabel Stamnes


Evie McFarlane


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Audella Mabel was born in a small Lancaster hospital onApril 9, 1925 at 10:30 a.m. She was delivered by a lady called a mid-wifeto Carl J. and Helvie C. Carlson. She was the first of seven others: Virginia,Sheldon, Bill, Doreen, Duane Gerald, and Leeland.

She lived on a small farm three miles southwest of Lancaster. Her house sat up hill from a river. In the winter she would sled downthe hill in a toboggan on to the river. In the summer, she would swim,fish, canoe, skip rocks, and many other adventure filled things.

Being the oldest, on the summer every day she had to milksixteen cows all by herself. At meal time they had to walk down the hillto a well and pull up anything they had to keep cold by a rope. She alsogrew up using an outhouse.

She went to twelve years of school at Lancaster. She rodeto school in a covered wagon. Her favorite subject was Home Economics (sewing)with her favorite teacher, Emma Anderson.

After school, she went to Aakers Business College in GrandForks. She took a general course and learned about accounting. After that,she went to live with her cousin and parents in Seattle, Washington. Sheworked for one and a half years as a bookkeeper at Boeing Aircraft Companyin shop 209.

Her favorite thing to do was horseback riding. The prideand joy of her life was a pony named Queen. She saved up money and boughther for $25. She loved and cherished her for four years. But, one day,Queen died of sweet clover poisoning. That was the saddest day of her life.

After she saved up her money for a long time, she boughtDolly. She got a sleigh and cart for $50 from Agnes Shablow in Lancaster.

On July 7, 1946, Audella Mabel Carlson was married to DaleAllios Stamnes from Hawaii. They lived in a small house in Halma.

On May 31, 1947, their first little bundle of joy, ConnieLynn, was born. Then, seven years later, on April 19, 1954, they had JaydeanDale. On February 11, 1957, they had the last De Ette Joy.

Then, on October 9, 1978, they got their first grandchild,Andrea Christine. She has five others: Annette, Meridee, Kristen, Jasonand Jackie.

ette, Meridee, Kristen, Jasonand Jackie.