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Art Stordahl


Shawn Aanneson


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Tied for 3rd Place

Kittson County Historical Society GenealogyEssay Contest


Grandpa Art was born in Hendrum, Minnesota on March 29,1902. His father was a homesteader that came from Filmore county in southernMinnesota. Art war born and raised on the homestead just east of Hendrum.

Grandpa Art remembers when J. J. Hill came through townlooking for a route for his railroad. He went to Caldonia and needed aplace to spend the night. He went from house to house but was turned awayat each place because he looked like a bum with his dogs. When the finalplans for the railroad were laid out, it did not go through Caldonia.

Another incident grandpa remembers is when a lamp chimneywas broken and they had to replace it. His dad had to travel to Ada byhorse and sleigh to get it. When he got to the store, he told the storekeeper what he needed and the store keeper climbed to the highest shelf,grabbed a chimney and threw it to him. It bounced on the floor and grandpa'sdad said "that's the kind to have!" When he got home he was goingto show his wife how good it was to have an unbreakable chimney so he tookit out of the sack and threw it on the floor and it shattered into a hundredpieces. The cold temperature had made it brittle. They had to get alongwithout a lamp chimney for another month. Great grandpa's mother was verymad!

In 1916, Grandpa Art farmed a small plot of potatoes forhis dad. His father told him that when he sold the potatoes he could havethe money for them. Grandpa Art sold the potatoes and bought a new FordModel "A" for $368. He drove the car home. He didn't need alicense or anything. In 1918, he had to get a license for the car thatcost $0.25 and this was good for three years.

Grandpa Art married Alice Ostenson in 1927. Their oneand only child, a daughter, Darlene, was born in 1931.

Times were very difficult for the farmers in those days. The price of wheat was $0.28 per bushel, oats $0.05, barley $0.11, andflax was $0.88 per bushel. Hogs sold for $3.00 per hundredweight, and milkfor $0.22 per hundredweight.

In order to make ends meet, Grandpa was a road patrol. He maintained a five mile stretch of road from his farm to the Red River. He was paid $0.75 per mile for this. The road was so wide he had to maketwo trips. He earned $14.50 for this job. Grandpa said, "this helpedhim through many lean times."

Grandpa bought a tractor in 1938. This was the time whenhe lost two of his horses, one from each matched team, to a disease. Manyfarmers lost a lot of horses to disease at this time.

In 1940, Grandpa Art moved to Shelly where the land wasa little bit lighter. Here he farmed 260 acres of land. He farmed at Shellyuntil he retired in the late 1960's.

During his retirement, he reconditioned old antique furniturefor about twenty years. When he retired again and moved into Shelly, hedecided to sit back and watch his four great grandchildren grow up. Now,he lives in the Sunrise Retirement Apartments in Halstad. I think GrandpaArt is neat and I like to go and visit him because he is nice.


This information was given to me by my Great grandpa, ArtStordahl.

his information was given to me by my Great grandpa, ArtStordahl.