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Clara Strege


Shannon Strege


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


I admire Clara Strege for many reasons. One is that shehas lived in four different places. Some for a long time and other foronly a year. She grew up on a farm near Neche, North Dakota. When shegrew older, she moved to an old stone house. She lived there for abouta year. Then she moved to where my family and I live now. Here she raisedseven children. After living there for about twenty-five years, she soldthe house to her only son, Randall Robert Strege. In 1953, she built ahouse close to half of a mile away from her son's home. She is still livingthere today. Clara plans on living there for the rest of her life.

I asked her what some major events in her life were andthis is what she told me. She said getting married, teaching children,and World War II. Then she said that her whole life has been a major event. Not once did she mention something that she bought or that she had beengiven. I thought that was pretty neat because it shows that the most importantthing in life is the memories that you receive.

This then, brought up another question, what was it liketo survive through the Great Depression? She said that all she could rememberwas living in a house with no wooden floors because they couldn't affordto buy more wood. She remembers having unpainted walls because they couldn'tafford that either. She couldn't remember every going hungry though. Shealso never remembered feeling poor because nobody had any more then theyhad. Another memory that she has of the Great Depression was meeting thefirst red head that she'd ever seen. He had come asking for work on theirfarm. Every time that she would look at him she would start laughing becauseshe thought his hair was so weird, though. I think those memories are prettyprecious. Even the one about the red-head.

I also admire her for her hard working throughout her life. Picking potatoes in the seventh grade. Teaching eight children in a oneroom schoolhouse, and walking a half of a mile to get there each morningjust to start a fire so that it was warm when the children got there. Now,she is working at Motor Coach building and painting buses. I think thatis pretty amazing.

There are only two main reasons that I admire her though. One is that she has always lived by the same rule. That rule is do untoothers as you want done unto you. The number one reason that I admire heris because this wonderful, hard working woman is my Grandmother. I am nowclosing this report by saying Thank You for giving me an opportunity towrite about this dear woman who is my role model in life.

I acquired my information from a private interview withClara Emma Strege.

ivate interview withClara Emma Strege.