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Randall Robert Strege


Jessie Strege


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Randall Robert Strege was born in Drayton, ND on the dateof August 17, 1957. As a child, Randy had a lot of fun because he likedhis family, but he also told me some stories about some things he did thatwould be fun. Here's one story that he told me. He had tied a wagon toa goat, he sat in the wagon and hit the goat. The goat took off up a haystack, the wagon came unhooked and unfortunately only the goat made it upthe hill. Another story he told me was about his birthday. His mom, ClaraStrege, was making a birthday cake and Randy had to eat all of the cake.

When Randy was 17 years old, he went into the service. For three years he was in the service. Some things Randy talks about areholding his breath under water for 4:00 minutes and throwing hand grenades. He taught me how to hide on a beach by finding a steep part of the beachand jumping off the beach and on the slope.

After three years in the service, Randy got a job at MotorCoach Industries where most of his family worked. Randy told me the jobhe got was on the hard side because he had to lift truck tires and bus seats. He has worked in many different parts of Motor Coach Industries and nowhe checks the buses to see if everything works or not.

Randy was 22 when he got married. His wife was Jodi LynneKarol - she was 19 years old. Randy met Jodi at Lancaster School whileshe was playing tennis and her friend asked if Randy's friend and he wantedto play.

Randy told me he wanted kids but didn't know how many kidshe wanted. He ended up with four children. Joshua Randall Strege, whowas born July 30, 1981. He is smart and 16 years old now. Jethro RobertStrege, who was born September 18, 1983. He likes video games and is 14years old now. Jesse Johnathon Strege was born June 28, 1985. He likesknives and is now 12. Shannon Liegh Strege was born June 21, 1986. Sheis nice and is now 11.

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