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My Grandma

Florence Swanson


Andrew Lundeen

6th Grade 1998, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN

Florence Bonnieviev Gunnarson Swanson was born on October28, 1931 on the family farm. Her parents were Egnar and Elvira Gunnarson.She had 6 sisters and 1 brother. Only the youngest girl was born in thehospital. There was no electricity in the country at that time. The housewas heated with wood and coal. When she got older it was her job to carryin the wood. My Grandma went to school in the country until she was in the6th grade.

She had to walk about a mile to school. In the winter,she would ride on a sleigh or in a caboose pulled by horses. One teachertaught all 8 grades. My Grandma liked to roller skate in the basement ofthe school at recess and noon hour. She carried her lunch in a tin pail,mostly peanut butter sandwiches and an apple. She did not have a televisionto watch so she had to find other things to do. Some of them were cuttingpaper dolls and making houses from the old catalogs, riding bicycle, playingwith the cats and dog, playing in the wagon when they threshed grain, slidingdown the straw pile on the sled in the winter, ice skating on the pond andriver, building snow forts and climbing trees. She helped weed the gardenand ate the tomatoes when they were ripe. She and her sisters and brotherwould take turns with the push mower cutting the grass.

When she was 10 years old, they moved to a different farm.Her dad bought a power plant soon after. Then there was current for lights,an iron and a radio. Before that, they ironed clothes with a 'sad' ironthat they heated on the wood stove. The radio was run on a battery thatdidn't work very well when the battery would run down. They hung the milkdown the well to keep it cool until they could get a refrigerator.

My Grandma helped in the field raking hay, picking potatoesand driving tractor for the binder. A binder is like a swather but it tiesthe grain into bundles instead of laying the grain down in swathes. Aftershe graduated from high school, she went to Minneapolis to work. Then shemarried Hilding, my Grandpa, on September 16, 1950. They live on a farmeast of Kennedy and had three children. One of them was my Mom.

My Grandma helped my Grandpa farm for many years. She hada big garden every year and would also go and help her Dad pick peas inhis garden. They have quit farming now but they have semi trucks that theydrive over the road. My Grandpa and Uncle drive the trucks and Grandma mansthe phones at home to find them loads to haul and give them directions towhere to pick them up.

Grandma has a lot of cats on her farm that I can play withwhen I go to visit her. She will often come and stay with me when my Momand Dad have to work. I like to have her come over because she is lots offun.!

The End

By: Andrew Lundeen

I got my information from my Grandma

ONT SIZE=+1>I got my information from my Grandma