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Carl Edgar Swenson


Caylie Homstad


6th Grade 1997, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


My grandfather, Carl Edgar Swenson, was a soldier in WorldWar II.

He fought very hard, even when times were hard. He isnow 82 years old, so he was 25 years old during the war. He tells me great,long stories about his adventures and I've also seen pictures. For instance,I have seen his suit, badges, pins, and yet, I still want to learn moreabout him.

My grandfather is a big hero, according to me, and many,many others. I've always been scared of things like the war, army, navy,and other things like that. But it seems like I have that blood. My uncle,Milo Homstad, was in Vietnam War, my grandpa Carl Swenson was in World Warand my other uncle, Clark Sveum, was in the navy. He is not really my unclebut, oh well.

My brother, Jeremy Homstad, would like to go to the Army,at least he wanted to when he was younger, and my other brother, Jake Homstad,would like to join the Army Reserve. So, maybe I should join somethinglike that, you know to face my fear.

My grandfather still tells me stories, he's been tellingme stories since I was about four years old, now I'm twelve. I have seensooooo many photos it's unbelievable.

I am so proud of my grand dad. I idealize my grandfatherbecause he is very, very brave. It took a lot of courage to stand up tothe war, and still be a lovable, honest human being.

My grandpa is a husband and a father. He is a husbandto Mrs. Doris C. Swenson, and together they had two cute twins, which, oneof those twins just happened to be my mother.

I am so grateful for my grandfather, but not just for beingin the war, for many other things, for instance, being a great person inmany ways. During his life, he has always found time to spend with anyoneand everyone, even if the time was short, he will always make it fun.

He once said a little saying, "Tomorrow is a Dream...Yesterday is a Memory ... Today is Reality." I am very pound of that,I have always loved that saying. It will stay in my heart forever.

In my eyes, my grandfather, Carl E. Swenson, will alwaysexist as a true hero.

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