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The Easters


Robert Anderson


The Easter name in this community dates back to the Pioneerdays. Harris is the son of the late William Easters and his grandparentswere the late William Clinton's who came over on a boat from Prince EdwardIsland. Harris was born and grew up in St. Vincent. Mr. Easter was a youngmember of the St. Vincent Council.

Mr. Easter is but one of the several men folk of the Easterfamily who have been prominent on local affairs. The school board personnel,the council church rolls, or other groups do not seem properly balancedwithout an Easter name. In 1932, he married Evelyn Kocian who is a nativeof Wisconsin.

The Easter's were married during the "Depression"which this generation knows nothing about, and work on the railroad wasonly in the summer. The first few years an odd job had to be found forthe rest of the year.

Harris has worked for the Burlington Northern (formerlythe Great Northern) for over forty years. From 1944 - 1946 they lived inFischer, Minnesota were he served as foreman.

From there they moved to Noyes, Minnesota and lived thereuntil the fall of 1960 when they moved to Hallock and are still living there.

When the Ben Franklin store started in Hallock, Evelynwas the first clerk. She had worked there for 11 years until Harris suffereda bad stroke July of 1973. He is at home recovering.

Harris and Evelyn have two children, Kenneth and Linda,who both were born in St. Vincent. Both children are married and livingin California. Linda is married to Jerry Windt who is affiliated with theUnited California Bank and Linda is a clerk at Alpha Beta. They have threechildren, Laurie, Jamie, and Jerry.

Kenneth and Fran both are on the teaching staff in Elsinore,California. Kenneth being a high school basketball coach. They have 3children, Tammy and the twins, Kandi and Karen.


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