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Art C. Thompson


Sheree Wollin


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


The following essay is of my step-grandfather, Art. C.Thompson. The events happened when he was in Vietnam. Definitely an experienceyou will never forget.

My step-grandfather, Art. C. Thompson was born to Halvor- n - Marn Thompson May 16, 1919. He had three brothers and three sisters. His dad died when he was 45 from pneumonia and blood poison. His motherdied when he was younger. His father worked at different places. He workedfor 15 or 20 dollars a month. When he was 16, he went to the Dakotas andworked for 30 cents an hour.

In 1941, there was a starting of a war in Europe. Froma certain age, you got a number. You could be in war for 1 year. Marchof 1941, he and a neighbor boy went to war for a year. When Japan attackedPearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 was the beginning of World War II. Hewas in war until it was over. Then they were shipped to California. Whenthey were done at California, they went to New Orleans. When they weredone at New Orleans, they went to Calcutta, India on boats for 50 days. The Japanese were controlling Burma and India at this time. Burma wasone of the worst countries to fight in. There was a lot of rain, heat,mosquitoes, and malaria. It rained so hard you could not see your handin front of your face. Valleys turned into lakes. Rivers rose as muchas 30 feet in a single night. Trees and bushes would actually slide away. Their food was dropped from C-46 and C-47.

He had a son that participated in the Vietnam War. Hewas part of the 100 First Airborne. He was killed December 1, 1969.

My grandfather returned home and got married in 1945. They had 4 girls and 1 boy. They lived near Stokes township near Badger,MN. In 1973, they were divorced. He remarried in 1975 to my grandma Sandra,or my mom's mother. One and one half years later they had a daughter. In 1983, my grandmother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare formof cancer. It was incurable. They gave her five years to live. She waswith us for four more years. She passed away in November of 1991. Shehad many, many different forms of treatment. The last six months of herlife she was totally bed ridden. She was right at home until she passedaway. My grandfather took very, very good care of her. My mom, aunt, anduncle helped. Besides all of this he still had 40 beef cows and 15 thoroughbredhorses out of which he picks three or four and takes up to the AssiniboinDowns in Winnipeg to race each year. A little bit of grain farming andabout 100 acres of alfalfa and many other things.

October of 1993 he was in a farm accident where he wascaught in a power take-off. He broke all of his ribs on his right sideexcept the 1st, 2nd, and 12th. They were all broke more than once. Hepunctured a lung and pulled his arm out of the socket, and ripped the skinall around the top of his shoulder with only one inch of skin in place. After three weeks in Grand Forks hospital and Rehab, he is now back homedoing well.

I got my information from my Grandpa Art.

SIZE=+1>I got my information from my Grandpa Art.