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A History Of Time Pieces


Mark Rabe


Sun dials use the rising sun to cast a shadow on the barto tell time. It dates from 1500 B.C.

Clocks that stood three stones high in early Egypt werecalled shadow clocks.

There were lots of beautiful clocks in early times. Anold grandfather clock made in Roxbury, Mass. has a long pendulum enclosedin the tall oblong wooden case.

There is a French clock about 200 years old. It has acarrying case and was ideal for travelers.

There are small size watches called a pocket watch. Itoriginated about 1520.

Few households were without clocks of some type. Mosthouseholds had the grandfather type.

There are also grandmother clocks which are a smaller versionof the grandfather clock. Both were treated carefully by everyone in thehousehold.

There are many different types of watches. Some differentones are: A skull watch, a prayer book watch, a lyre watch, the watch ofQueen Elizabeth I, a German watch made in 1525, Lord Nelson's coach andstopwatch, and a watch given to Josephine by Napoleon.

The clock tells us the time and when to go to school.

when to go to school.