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Annie Turner


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February 2, 1894, Annie Turner was born on a small farmthree miles out of Lancaster, Minnesota. She did not know then what hardtimes would be set before her.

Since she was the oldest of her three brothers and onesister, she had to do much work around the farm. Before she went to schoolshe had to milk the cows. This was not an easy job for Annie was a smalland frail child.

Annie went to Richardville township school. She had towalk two miles to school in any kind of weather. Annie's teachers then werethe Moore sisters who lived in St.Vincent not long ago, one of them is stillliving. When she was in eighth grade Annie quit school, schooling then forgirls was not important as it is today, all they had to know was how tocook and sew. Annie has kept the memory of school in her mind all of theseyears. She can still see the wooden benches on which she sat through upto eighth grade. She will never forget those years of her life.

Of all Annie's brothers and sisters, none of them can rememberfun and games. Life then was all work and no play. Even Christmas time wasnot play as we know it to be today. Christmas was a time of reunion, therewere no trees to put presents under, but that didn't matter because therewere no presents. They all went over to their grandmother's house and hadsupper and sang songs, then went home. Annie often remarks how much thespirit of Christmas has changed, it's sad like an old gradually withering.If you go over to Annie and Johney's house at Christmas time you will findthat they don't have a tree, and they like it that way:

Annie's grandparents on her mother's side came over fromEngland, and on her father's side from Germany. Annie is proud of havingGerman in her blood and lives up to both her nationalities.

Annie Turner doesn't remember much about St.Vincent. Sheand her parents rarely ever came into the vast growing town, she was justa child at the time also. She only remembers how big the place was and howmany saloons and banks one could see.

Her mother died on October 29, 1918, and a year later Anniewas married to Johney Turner on November 12,1913, in Hallock Minnesota.Annie's father quit farming after his wife died and he lived with Annieand Johney in the winter and in the summer with her sister and her husbandAfter Johney and Annie moved to St.Vincent in l918 from Lancaster wherethey lived when they were first married, Johney started the mail route andran it for forty-one years. After he quit the mail route in 1959, herelaxed and did what he pleased, as hunting, fishing, fixing guns, and gardening.

In 1914, a baby boy was born to Annie and Johney Turner,and they named him Lester. Later on came four other children, Flora, Gordon, Dale,and Ray. The children werekept busy by having to help raise cows, horses, and chickens. Besides raisinga family and running a farm with the children and Johney, Annie managedto slip in a few moments of her own with the things she liked to do best.One of her many hobbies is gardening, this one thing that Annie has a talentfor. You can always locate Annie and Johney's house by the brightly coloredflowers in front and all around the house. Besides growing flowers, Annieand her husband also like to grow vegetables such as carrots, peas, radishes,potatoes, corn, and lettuce. One other kind of plant they grow are strawberries,they sell them to people who call and make a small profit on them. Besidesall of these other hobbies, Annie enjoys most of all raising pomeraniandogs. She came across this hobby accidentally one day when her oldest sonLester mistook the dog for a fox while hunting, ever since she has beenraising these dogs.

Annie is now living in St.Vincent with her husband Johney,with them is their third oldest son Dale. Their oldest son, Lester, diedfive years ago with a heart attack. This was a great tragedy to Annie andever since she has been sick off and on. Annie doesn't do much gardeningin the past years, and has recently quit raising dogs, but she still hasenough pep to enjoy herself with her baking and sewing hobbies for her grandchildren,and great grandchildren. Annie and Johney have quite a life with their tripsto Colorado to see their youngest son and his family.

The Annie of today is tired for she has kept a very activelife with her family, home, and friends. You can tell by her eyes that shehas lived a page in history. Although she has been very sick lately andhas spent much time in a hospital bed, she still lives her life as she seesfit. You can tell by her friendly smile that she is happy with the way shehas lived her life. Besides being a grandmother and a great grandmother,she is a friend to everyone who drops by to visit her. She has had her happytimes and her sorrowful ones as many of us have. She is a very typical pioneerlady of the Red River Valley.



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